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Scanners are now widely used in trade and services for the rapid identification, dispatch, storage, production lines, etc. of goods that have become virtually indispensable. The main applications of this device in the wholesale system are receiving and releasing goods to the warehouse, automating the filling of documents by reading the barcode of the goods. The unique barcode, which contains information about the product, is applied by the manufacturer either directly to the packaging during production or printed by a special printer.

Use of Barcode Scanners

The scanners extract the information by reading the code and pass it on to the accounting program. The barcode reader is connected to a computer (warehouse) or Supermarket billing software in Panchkula(trading floor), which generates the goods sold, stores information about their names, quantity and cost, and periodically or by order exchanges with the accounting program. The accounting program fills in the list of goods and, depending on the operation prepares their arrival or sale. Using scanners allows you to significantly increase the processing speed of data entering the accounting system, reduce time costs, and reduce the likelihood of errors in the data entry process. In their absence, you must do this by manually typing each product key on your computer keyboard. It should be noted that the use of a scanner if necessary does not preclude the possibility of entering such information.

Types of Barcode Scanners

There are currently two main types of barcodes (symbols) that modern scanners work with – linear and two-dimensional. A linear barcode allows you to encode no more than 20 to 30 characters and does not in itself (unlike two-dimensional) usually contain a description or price of the goods. It is a kind of key to obtaining the information contained in a computer database, which is mainly used to search for it.

Two-dimensional symbolism (2D) usually consists of two or more vertically adjacent barcode lines and characters. They appeared relatively recently and are mainly used to add data to the same area that takes up a one-dimensional barcode (up to several pages of text). These types of barcodes significantly increase productivity when you need to enter a large amount of information into a database. In particular, using this technology, it is convenient to write the necessary information on identity cards, driving licenses and vehicle data sheets. It is often used by transport and logistics companies in coded form to invoice, as well as by pharmaceutical companies, pharmacies, hospitals to enter detailed information about medicines or patients to enter a barcode. One type of two-dimensional symbol is also a matrix code, which is not a simple series of strokes, but a complete picture.

Depending on the requirements, barcode scanner in Chandigarh can be: manually when the device is brought to the product barcode, or on the desktop when the item is brought to the reader. Mixed versions are a handheld scanner or a desktop scanner attached to a flexible strip. There are also stationary multi-level vertical and horizontal models installed in stores with an average customer flow.