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Minerfarm the Game


How does it work?

It is a gaming platform that monetizes through advertising, allowing users to generate income from website visits. By participating in the game, users contribute to the generation of digital advertising revenue, making their website visits profitable. Through engaging game mechanics and interactive features, users can experience the simulated cloud mining process and earn rewards based on their activity within the platform.


To maintain transparency and fairness, Miner Farm is committed to paying a percentage of the company’s profits monthly to its most active free users. In addition, a portion of the payment gateway commissions will contribute to a global fund, which will be distributed to the most active users on a quarterly basis. These measures are intended to ensure that users are rewarded for their participation and that the distribution of profits is done in a transparent and equitable manner.

How does a free user generate revenue?

Completing the Daily Tasks

When a user creates an account, the system gives him/her a 1GHS mining machine and a battery with 24 hours of charge.


Task (1)


The user must go to the energy area in their backoffice and press the battery charge button, every 24 hours or more, depending on the capacity of their battery.

Task (2)


Explore the vast world of Crypta and discover hidden treasures!

How does it work?

Go to the “EXPLORE” section and click on the Explore button.

Once your character is on board, wait a certain amount of time.

Upon returning, your character will bring unique finds, from additional TMG tokens to rare cards.

Task (3)


Take advantage of multi-tiered referrals, which allows users to earn commissions when their referrals make purchases at online stores. Referral commissions are structured as follows:

– First level: 5%.

– Second level: 3%.

– Third level: 2%.

You will also earn a percentage each time a referral charges your battery up to the third level.

To find your referral link go to the “REFERRALS” section.

By doing these tasks every day, you will be able to ensure a steady income on a daily basis.

How to obtain higher profits?

If you want to get more profit from cloud mining, you can go to the online store and purchase machines with higher mining capacity. It’s simple, you just need to go to the deposit section and deposit the required amount according to the cost of the machine. For example, if you want to buy a machine that costs 100 TMG tokens, you should deposit $10 in the stable USDT currency. Then go to the online store, click on the “My mining” tab and select the machine you want to buy. Note that the cost of one TMG token is 0.1 cents.

If you wish to acquire better equipment, then you can go to the store and buy special cards to maximize your income.


Go to the deposit section, choose the deposit method and enter the amount.

The system will issue a deposit wallet according to your selected method. Send the funds and wait for confirmation within 5 minutes.


Go to your profile and add your USDT wallet. Then go to the withdrawal tab, enter the amount in TMG and confirm your withdrawal.

All withdrawals will be in USDT, please verify the data correctly. Each withdrawal will be processed on Fridays and its duration is from 24 to 72 hours.