10 Types of White Collar Crime

White collar crimes are financial crimes that are non-violent in nature. People who commit white collar crimes are different than your regular criminal or offender. These people are highly intellectual and powerful; their actions can be best described as ‘corporate fraud and theft’. It is the thirst or need of money that drives them to steal from oblivious or innocent people. The schemes they run often involve transactions worth thousands or millions of dollars, which is why white collar crimes have a significant impact on our economy.

5 Ways to beat Drug Possession Charges

Thousands of people are charged for drug possession in the U.S every year, and most of the alleged offenders have a very small quantity of the controlled substance on themselves or on their property. You might think that getting caught with a little bit of drugs is no big deal, but it truly can destroy your life. The punishment could be a lot more than roughly $100 in fines and a few nights in jail. If you didn’t have a criminal record before, your reputation will be tarnished by the legal proceedings. If you were arrested near a school/college, or the police accuse you of ‘intent to sell’, you might end up being convicted for a drug felony.

What counts as Wrongful Termination?

When a person is fired from his/her job without warning or obvious reason, it is justified to feel wronged. Unfortunately, no matter how unfair the circumstances may appear, your termination does not necessarily count as unlawful or wrongful. The employer’s motive behind laying off a staff member could be defensible; sometimes it is the intolerable attitude of a worker, occasionally it’s about making cuts to overcome financial deficits, or at times the need for certain services becomes obsolete.

Guidelines for Drafting Foolproof Business Contracts

Running your own business has many incentives, such as you get to work on your own terms and you are entitled to the biggest portion of earned profits. Nonetheless, it is a huge responsibility and the tiniest of mistakes can result in heavy losses. If you don’t tread carefully, others will take advantage of your naivety or let you take the fall when a disaster is underway. There are many legal ways to protect your business from fraudsters, and drafting foolproof contracts is the most straight forward approach. Transactional Law Attorney in Tallahassee, FL, discloses all the secrets to creating safe and reliable agreements with your business contacts:

10 Reasons to not Text and Drive

It’s hard to miss all those heartfelt commercials that convey the risks of texting while driving. So many youngsters have lost their lives in the event of taking their eyes off the road for a few seconds just to check a text message. One death affects so many lives, and that one text is so not worth it. Despite being aware of how dangerous this feat is, many people continue to text and drive. They simply cannot resist the buzz of the notification or put away their smartphone while driving because bad habits are hard to break.

What Steps to take if you suspect Medical Malpractice?

A quarter of a million people die because of medical malpractice in the United States every year – that is 10% of total deaths per annum. Since the negligence and misconduct of medical professionals is a leading cause of life-threatening and non-fatal injuries, it is important to understand the appropriate course of action in case you find yourself in that position. Doctors are human beings, which makes them as capable of making mistakes as anyone else. However, they should be held responsible for the harm inflicted upon patients, and the victims deserve compensation for their loss.