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Men have more hair fall issues compared to women. Hair fall is a serious issue when the fallen hairs do not grow back into the area creating a bald patch. While thinning of hairs is more common in women, men usually face baldness. The baldness in men starts with the forehead first and eventually grows to the back of the head. Hair fall can happen due to a variety of reasons. In today’s time, dust and pollution contribute to the hair fall in both men and women. Some other common reasons are stress, hormonal imbalances, diet, illness, or medications. The solutions include natural remedies to grow hairs back and surgeries to get instant results. Natural remedies have no side effects and give guaranteed results slowly.

Hair transplantation methods give quick results and the confidence back that you lost with hair fall. There are many hair transplant in punjab services for people in that area and the surrounding areas. Hair transplants are categorized into two major categories. Based on your hair fall condition the surgeon decides which one to avail.

Hair transplantation:

Undergoing hair transplantation can give you back the confidence you lost due to baldness. People who can benefit from a hair transplant are

  • Male with baldness or baldness pattern
  • Women with hair thinning
  • Hair Loss through scalp injury

However, some people cannot avail the hair transplantation operations

  • Women who have widespread baldness throughout the scalp
  • People with scars from injury
  • People with hair loss from chemotherapy
  • People with less donor hair sites

Hair transplantation process is done under careful examination by an expert. Based on your hair fall and scalp condition, the surgeon will tell what serves you the best. FUT and FUE are two main hair transplantation techniques.

Types of hair transplantation:

Below are the two main types of hair transplant in punjab services

  • FUT- it is short for follicular unit transplantation. Here the surgeon cuts a strip from the back of the head which is closed by stitches. The removed portion is then separated from the scalp into small sections using magnifying lenses. After the implantation, these sections grow into natural hairs.
  • FUE- This method is known as follicular unit extraction where the follicles are directly cut from the head through tiny incisions. Using a needle the surgeon makes a hole in the back of your head and places hairs in these holes. In one session usually, hundreds of thousands of hairs are placed. Bandages are used to cover your head for a few days.

Hair transplantation surgery takes four hours or more and needs the head to be bandaged for 10 days. In 3-4 sessions you can get hairs back of your desired density. With no pain, you can easily get your hairs back and develop the same confidence as before. Learn more about the services near you and get transplantation done today. Grow your hairs and watch your confidence growing eventually.