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Warm During the Winter

Winter is almost here, and depending on where you live and your tolerance for cold, you might already be feeling it. You might also be thinking of ways to keep warm without being stuck with a massive heating bill every month. That might be easier to do than you think, especially if you consider the following tips.

Install a New Furnace

Yes, that might seem counterintuitive if you’re trying to save money this winter, but installing a new furnace before it gets really cold outside can save you money in the long run. A good furnace should work reliably for 15 to 20 years in the average home. After that, it will need to work harder to keep your home at a comfortable temperature, which will raise your heating bill. It will also require more maintenance and repairs as it ages.


If you think you’re in need of a new furnace and you want to have one installed before the prime heating season, check out some furnace reviews online to find the most efficient, reliable, and affordable models for your home.

Service Your Furnace

If you don’t need a new furnace in your home, you should still have your current furnace serviced every fall. Doing so will ensure that it will be working properly this winter when you need it, and it might uncover issues that need to be addressed before they result in expensive repair bills.

Dress In Layers

If you want to keep warm in your home without having to turn up your thermostat, dress in layers. Wear an undershirt, a sweater, and even long underwear when it gets really cold. When you have to go outside, wear a heavy coat, a hat, and a scarf around your face. If you start to feel too hot inside, you can always take off your sweater and wear just an undershirt if that makes you feel more comfortable.

Stay Active

When you get really cold, the last thing you’ll want to do is move around. You’ll want to bundle up with a sweater underneath a few layers of blankets. While that will certainly keep you warm, it won’t help you much if you have to be up and about. If you really want to feel warm and comfortable, find things to do around your house that will keep you moving. A home workout is always a good idea, but you can also take some time to clean and organize your home. It may seem like a small amount of activity, but that little bit of movement will warm you up before you know it.

Block Drafts in Your Home

If you find that your home always feels cold and drafty, even when you turn up your thermostat, you might have some gaps somewhere in your house. Windows and doors that aren’t sealed properly are common places for drafts, but you might also find cracks that are nearly impossible to see. Make sure to seal these areas up with some weather-stripping tape or some caulk. It will help keep the warm air in and the cold air out.

Keep Your Feet Warm

Your hands and feet are more vulnerable to the cold than the rest of your body, so you’ll want to take extra steps to keep them warm. That’s easy enough for your hands, but your feet are a different story. Make sure to wear heavy socks or a pair of slippers around your home, and wear a pair of waterproof boots if you have to go outside in the snow. As strange as it sounds, sometimes keeping your feet warm can help the rest of your body feel warm during the winter.

Keep Your Bed Warm

If you get cold at night, you can take steps to keep your bed warm and comfortable. In most cases, this means adding a few heavy blankets or quilts to your bedding, but you can also use a safe electric blanket that turns itself off after about 30 minutes. That might not seem like a long time, but it’s just enough to warm you up. Your own body heat and blankets will do the rest.

These are just a few things that you can do to keep yourself warm this winter without raising your energy bills. Stay safe, and make sure that you don’t let yourself get too hot while you fight off the cold.