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Flooded Basement

Remediating a flooded basement can be an expensive affair. And depending on the cause of the flooding, it may not be covered by your insurance policy. In other words, the expenses fall on you. To keep the cost of water damage removal extremely low, it is expedient that you act fast. If you don’t know what to do, contact a professional water damage removal expert.

The Effects of a Flooded Basement on the Property

No doubt, all items in the basement will be soaked. While some of these possessions can be restored, others are unsalvageable. The longer it is left, the more expenses incurred due to the escalating damage. No matter how clean the water is, if left for long it will turn grey quickly. This becomes a breeding ground for bacteria that contaminates the water. To restore the area, proper cleaning and decontamination will be required. Decontamination comes up after water damage removal, cleaning and drying have been completed.

If your basement has been flooded, be sure to keep a safe distance from it. Blackwater, otherwise known as floodwater, contains bacteria and harmful pathogens that are deadly to the human body. If your basement has waterproofing and yet it still gets flooded from an external cause, you should look closely at the waterproofing for any defect. A professional water damage removal company will find and fix the root cause of the flooding to prevent a reoccurrence.

Causes of Flooding in the Basement

The causes of basement flooding are quite plentiful. The most common include bad sump pumps, flash flooding, and groundwater flooding, just to name a few.

Many basements usually sit on a sump pit where water used up in the property gathers. If all attempts to drain the water fails, it is more likely to fill until it overflows, ultimately leading to a flooded basement. The major causes of water damage removal include the following

  1. Malfunctioning Sump Pump

To regulate the sump pit water, sump pumps are often installed. The essence of these pumps is to drain the water away from the sump pit allowing for more space for additional water.  When the sump pumps begin to malfunction, be sure to fix it as soon as possible. If left unattended and the water from the sump doesn’t get drained, the overflows flood your basement.

  1. Bad Plumbing

Bad plumbing can cause huge water damage in your basement. Sadly, no amount of sump pits or tanking can salvage the situation. If your basement has an internal plumbing system, flooding is inherent if there’s pipe damage. Remember to always be observant. Fix whatever issues you might have immediately it is detected.

  1. Groundwater Flooding

Groundwater flooding is most common in low-lying areas or places with a high water table. If the soil around your basement gets saturated, the sump pit gets filled easily, consequently leading to a flooded basement. Heavy rainfall could cause the sump pit to also overflow. Basically, location matters a lot when siting a basement.