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Choosing a mentor for the CA Final Mentoring programisn’t an easy process. You need to look at certain things and then alone start to search for the right mentor. A mentor needs to guide in a way where you can impact with positive results. You should not choose a mentor like picking clothes there must be some prior knowledge and ideas.

How to choose?

Take a look at the below points you want to keep in mind while choosing a mentor for CA final program,


You ought to understand that the mentor who you are going to choose wants to have so many years of experience. No matter what you are required to look at the experience of the mentor for sure. Only if the mentor is provided with so many numbers of experiences you can able to get the superlative result.

Having a positive mentor is an important thing. Even if you feel down the mentor wants to cheer you up and then you need to understand the mentor to the core. With the help of the experience of the mentor, you can make a decision whether to choose him/her.

Look for various choices:

You need to check all sorts of mentors who will fit you. That’s why you want to have an eye on various kinds of the mentors. At first, you choose to pick a mentor the first person you see may appear great. But you ought to make a proper decision and then alone you want to pick the right mentor.

Set expectations:

If you are going to choose a mentor then for sure you want to have some expectations. You all well know about yourself thus you want to explain the way to guide you. At the same time, you ought to trust your mentor. Only if the relationship between you and mentor is ideal you can build a better future.

Talk like a friend:

Since he/she is a mentor you no need to distance yourself. Open up and then talk about how you will interact with your friend. Actually, it’s a good idea only when you start to be genuine as well as show interest towards the CA final your mentor understands your passion you have that. Most importantly more than treating a mentor as your teacher if you start to look like your friend then there will be a better relationship.

Communicate well:

At first,the mentor will check whether the mentee is interested in the content or not. Alongside you want to show your interest this will helps you to have an honest relationship. No matter your doubts you need to ask and the mentor will give their perception. First of all the mentor will tell you the things that they experience so you ought to listen.

These are the things you want to keep in mind while choosing a mentor for the CA Final Mentoring program however you need to pick the one who fits in your mind.