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Position of the entrance:

·         The morning sun is said to be particularly pure and beneficial according to Vastu Shastra in Ludhiana. Therefore, the entrance is preferably to the east – if possible. East is the best of all cardinal points, the east direction stands for strength, a new beginning (sunrise!) And health.

·         An entrance is also possible in the north, because then it is always in the shade, and it allows God Kubera to bring prosperity into the house.

·         Two entrances are good so that negative forces that come in through one entrance can quickly exit through the second.

·         If the circumstances force you to have an entrance in the south (road connection, etc.), an entrance in the north or east should also be built.

Assignment of the functions in the house:

·         The basis here is a 3×3 mandala with Brahma in the middle and important Vedic gods in the eight surrounding fields. Every field and thus every direction is given a quality that calls for appropriate use.

·         The center is best left free from any development or use. Because this is where Brahma rules, this is where his creative energy rules. Free access to light and air is good for the free development of one’s creative powers.

·         Agni, the fire god, is assigned the southeast. This is why the kitchen is best located there, and the stove in the kitchen is also best in the southeast corner. Then the chefs can look to the east while preparing the food.

·         The northeast is considered to be very clean, so water storage tanks, water containers, etc. for drinking water should best be kept in the northeast. The best of all is to create a well in the northeast corner north of the diagonal of the property.

·         Toilets have no place in the northeast.

·         In the kitchen or bathroom, the water installations should be installed in the north-east if possible. Because the northeast is ruled by Ishan, God himself, and is therefore the most preferred direction of the compass.

·         In the kitchen it is best to store supplies in the southwest, the dining table is best in the west.

·         For this reason, house temples or house altars should also be in the northeast.

·         Because the sun sets again in the west, this direction has the quality of calm, ideal for the positioning of study, library, bedroom (children), for places of rest and creativity.

·         The south is ruled by Yama, the god of death. The south is therefore considered an unfavorable starting point for undertakings, projects, plans or plans. It is best to put the storage rooms there, possibly also bedrooms (adults).

·         The northwest is assigned to Vayu, the god of the winds, with whom movement is associated. This direction is therefore suitable for storing vehicles of all kinds. Guest rooms and stables would also fit well in this corner, because they also incorporate the principle of movement.

·         Bathrooms and toilets fit into the northwest of the building.

·         The north is ruled by the god of wealth, Kubera. Here you can keep your valuables well.

·         The northwest is related to hospitality, guest rooms are well accommodated here.

·         The southwest is the most negative and vulnerable corner of the property. Therefore, on the one hand, it should be built on firmly and high, on the other hand, there should never be water installations there, nor should one carry out any actions that should be accompanied by success. Storage rooms are ideally located here.

·         The veranda or balcony ideally face east to open up to the influence of the morning sun.

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