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Nature is the greatest architect and has created some of the most jaw-dropping and mystical places on the earth, and the Dead Seal Israel is mesmerizing. With the hypersaline water and the only source of water, the Dead Sea Israel is an extraordinary place on earth with the beauty of nature and the soothing water.

The astounding opportunity that one gets here is the Dead Sea Floating without any support. With the unique beauty, and the crystal of the salt shining in the bright sun, the cool breeze flowing around, and the amazing Dead Sea Mud exfoliating your skin.

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With this article let us float on the Dead Sea salt, and find more about the beauty it contains. 

How the Dead Sea got its name?

The Dead Sea Israel is a perplexing beauty of nature. The beauty of the sea with the calming sky above the head and the cool breeze flowing, the place creates perfect time for peace. The mystifying feature of this Dead Sea salt has given a lot of names to this place. 

        The Hebrew Scriptures profoundly called this as the Salt Sea based on the amount of salt it contains.

        The Roman Era gave this sea the name the Dead Sea as this sea is devoid of life-forms.

        The Joshua in the Bible named this sea as the sea of the Plains.

        Not only this the phenomenal Dead Sea salt is known by numerous other names as well which includes, the Primordial Sea, the East Sea, the Sea of Lot, the Sea of the Arabah, the Sea of Sodom, the Stinking Sea, the Sea of Asphalt and the Devil’s Sea.

What to do at the Dead Sea?

The stunning Dead Sea Israel is a breathtaking place to visit. With the clear sky, and the water perfects to float upon, and the beach, the place is flabbergasting and charming. With the immense beauty trapped here, the best things to do at the Dead Sea Israel are:

        Discover the caves of Qumran

        Get spa at the Dead Sea Mud

        Explore the Wadi David, Wadi Bokek, and Wadi Arugot

        Take entry at the En Gedi Beach

        Visit the southwestern shore, Ein Bokek Beach

        Explore the rock-salt mountain, Mount Sodom

        Don’t forget the Dead Sea floating

        Explore the lowest place on earth, 423 meters below the sea level

Why is it called the Dead Sea?

The stunningly glittering crystals of salt shining in the sun, and the calm water blended with the exfoliating spa of the Dead Sea Mud, this place is incredible. With the high amount of salinity, the chances of the survival of the aquatic life and plants are just minimal. Since no life sustains in this sea, the sea is called the Dead Sea Israel.

Why is the Dead Sea so salty?

Derived from the rocks eroded by the rainwater, with carbonic acid solution formed when carbon dioxide combines with water; leading to the generation of ions that travel to the sea, and make it highly salty. With the lesser-known fact that this is actually a lake, the Dead Sea Israel is hypersaline, and the natural phenomena make it super-salty.

When to visit Dead Sea Israel?

Floating on the water under the infinite sky is bliss. And when the climate is soothing, the experience can turn out to be enchanting. The best time to visit the Dead Sea Israel is months of September-November when the temperature falls. The lowest place on earth surrounded by desert beaches, mineral spas, and oases, this place is jaw-dropping.


The spectacular beauty of the sea and the splendid experience of the spa is just a charm. With the beauty it holds and the experience one gains, the Dead Sea Salt is just soothing. The opportunity to exfoliate the skin in the lap of nature at the Dead Sea Mud will be a breathtaking experience. So, to love yourself and experience the unmatched beauty of nature, plan your trip now and get your flight bookings done over the phone by dialing british airways contact number to Israel and visit the Dead Sea Israel today!