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Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment in the workplace is an ongoing issue in the US and is one of the main reasons most cases go unreported. A study revealed that three out of every ten sexual harassment cases are reported.

One of the leading causes why these kinds of cases go unreported, is to normalize these unlawful behaviors. Over the years, discrimination has become so common that employees and workers accept it as usual. Those who need to speak for their rights might feel intense peer pressure to keep themselves quiet. However, you should not stay calm if a crime occurs around you and report your case to a San Antonio sexual harassment attorney.

Why does sexual harassment in the workplace often go unreported?

Another factor for not reporting such cases is confusion. For example, employees may not realize that they are being discriminated against or harassed. If workers in the workplace regularly touch other employees’ shoulders or back, they might think it is accepted behavior. It is often seen in the young generation and inexperienced employees who are abused and harassed by the ones in higher authority.

The confusion can also lead to the company’s policy of anti-discriminatory behavior. If no such guidelines exist in the company, the harassed employees may not know how to handle such situations and stay in holding patterns. They may also wonder if contacting the human resources department or supervisor will be a good decision. This combined fear may lead to employees continuing to be harassed, discriminated against, and abused.

What can be other reasons for not reporting harassment?

Other than the reasons mentioned above, employees do not report being victimized because they want to forget what occurred and try to move on, which is not the right way. Even though the move can be less aggressive and may seem safer temporarily, the abuser will think that they have got away with their inappropriate behavior and will surely continue doing it next time. Other times, the harassed person keeps things to themselves because they think no person will believe them, and it will be a waste of time to file a complaint.

What are your rights as an employee?

State and federal laws protect workers from discrimination and harassment, and those who take steps to speak for their rights against the abusers help and encourage other abused workers to speak for their rights.