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Divorce Process Handled in Alabama

It is natural to feel overwhelming when your marriage is ending. Therefore, it is in the best interest for both you and your spouse to mutually agree and end the process as an uncontested divorce in Alabama. However, if both of you disagree on certain terms once the divorce process starts, it turns out to be a contested divorce in Alabama. 

The contested divorce process in Alabama is quite complex and trying to handle it on your own might leave you unbalanced throughout your life. Hence, take the help of a good contested divorce lawyer Birmingham who will have the knowledge and expertise to assist you and help you come out of the trial smoothly. The Harris Law Firm in Birmingham has offices across Alabama State and their attorneys will help you navigate the challenging aspects of your divorce case. 

You can get a quick phone consultation or call and schedule a personal appointment with their contested divorce attorney to understand the Alabama divorce process.

Alabama contested divorce process 

  • Filing a complaint: it will include all matters related to child custody and support, property division, alimony. 
  • The answer: your spouse has 30 days to respond to the complaint failing which the default judgment is in your favor. 
  • Discovery: Your lawyers gather evidence, documents, take depositions, and file motions on your behalf. 
  • Negotiations start: usually, judges want to do it out of the court as a “collaborative divorce”. If an agreement is not reached at this point, the proceedings head towards a trial. 
  • Trial and Judgement: if you are unable to resolve during the negotiations, the judge will rule and pass a verdict. Here ends the contested divorce process. 


All divorce cases need to meet the requirements of Alabama.

  • One of the spouses has to be an Alabama resident for a minimum of 6 months before filing the case.
  • The petition is to be filed in the county where the defendant or the couple stays.
  • In case, the defendant is not an Alabama resident, the petition is to be filed where the plaintiff lives.


Contested divorce cases are much longer and more expensive than uncontested divorces. They might even last for a year. It depends on how complex are the issues and nature of the disputes. 

Contested divorce cases can be tiring and challenging. Take the help of the contested divorce lawyers from The Harris Law firm who will find a fair and reasonable common ground, always keeping the family in mind.