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Punch like A Pro

When we talk about boxing, we mostly talk about how to throw a powerful punch. Whereas a layman has no clue that boxing doesn’t just consist of one kind of punch, there are so many different punches that one can easily lose count. To help the beginner understand, instructors usually teach combinations of punches because some punches are used as a direct attack whereas others are used as an initiator. For the beginner who is still struggling to figure out some of the most important punches used by professionals, we have listed down the importance of hooks. Apart from this, we have also mentioned the difference of hooks from the rest. The speed plays a vital role and the overall pace. Apart from this, we also talk about the fast and hard hooks and the overall training that is required for executing the hook. One thing that separates the hook from the rest of the punching styles is the speed, so speed training is a must.

Punch like A Pro

For the beginner who is still trying to figure out the difference and the overall exaction, we have mentioned the right way to learn hook. For the students who have already learned some of it but they are not very fluent, we have specifically mentioned the right way so you can learn the professional technique as well.

Hook – Know the Technique

Hook has a high speed and more power which is the reason most people struggle with the punching power. Punching power is not because the boxer is strong, instead, it helps in learning the right technique that will eventually help in generating more power for the punch. To focus on the hook, you need to know that the most powerful punches are not just limited to the modern era, they can be traced back to around 20 years. Some of the greatest names including Mike Tyson, Julian Jackson, and Deontany Wilder, were mainly famous because of their power punches. A common thing about these boxing stars was that they all knocked out their opponents with their signature punching style and they had a very different attacking style as well. This clearly explains that no one can teach you just one knockout style. It all comes down to the overall strategy and your strength.

Punch like A Pro

This also means that your strategy and technique are more important than your physical attributes. You may have every physical attribute that is required for a powerful punch but you might never be able to throw a powerful punch. The main difference is in technique and if you learn good technique, you will be able to throw the knockout punch.

Technique Is All About Science

So far if we look at the hook, we can see that it might look simply but it is one of the hardest punches so far. You need to generate the energy from the core and use your shoulders to accumulate that energy and then you need to bend your arms. Now with the paid rotation of your core and hips, you can use the generated energy and transfer it into the opponent. Overall, this might look very simply but there is a complete science behind everything.

While throwing a hook you need to adjust your range first. A good hook is usually somewhere in the middle so it is a mid-range punch. Apart from this, you need to connect it before the full elbow extension and hence the bent arms. To understand the science behind that you need to know about the psychics that you might have to deal with first.

A study about the mechanics of the hook explains that not only the generation of energy is important but the way to channeling this energy is also very important. According to a study conducted by Liverpool John Moores University in 2011, it was explained with the help of a detailed experiment that a hook generates more speed than any other kind of punch. This experiment included both lead hook and reverse hook. Various kinematic and trajectory are used for effective hook and this is far more abrupt than jab or cross.

Mastering the Technique

When we talk about a hook, the focus is on technique rather than physical fitness. Even if we try to break down the overall biomechanics, we will see few very evident features. Although we agree that styles are pretty different for everyone, the technique for a powerful hook is the same. Rather than trying to master the physical attributes, you need to work on your technique and build muscle memory. With proper training and detailed technique handling, you can easily learn the art of boxing. Your core strength, lower body strength as well as your shoulder and arms power play a very important role.

Most people only focus on the upper body, but lower body power is equally important. This is the reason people perform squats, deadlifts, and various lower body exercises.

Punch like A Pro

Three Exercise That Will Help in Mastering the Hook

Although people limit the technique of hook, they forget to mention that it is very diverse. When you are teaching a hook, there is not just one type, instead, you have various maneuvers involved. Some of the best types have been listed below for better understanding.

Lateral Med Ball Throws

This might be a very tricky exercise but so far, most people have reported that it is very helpful. With the help of this exercise, your body will develop the right kind of muscle memory. Within this exercise, your body will gain strength because this is a speed exercise and it helps with contraction sequencing as well as the force transferring via the kinetic chain.

Ice skaters

There is no relation between boxing and ice skating, however, it is still quite important. With the help of ice skating, you will be able to develop the lower body force in various dimensions. This also helps with hip rotation and extension of the arm and both these things are very important for the hook punch.

Landmine rotation

This is the exercise that will focus on the core rotation and the strength that is generated from the core. Apart from this, this will help with the truck musculature as well, which is significant for boxing.

Some of the Things That You Must Take Care Of

·         Make sure to keep your guard up otherwise the counter punch might bruise you.

·         Keep your arm bent at 90 degrees, don’t extend your arm fully even when you punch.

·         Keep your body at an angle or rotate your body. This will give you a better way to channel the energy.

·         Keep the knees bent or you might hurt yourself.

·         Keep one foot in front and one at the back.

·         Adjust the position of your punch according to the foot. While hooking your rear hand, pivot with the rear foot as well.

·         Although, commonly, boxers follow through after every punch, knockout punch is different. If you are throwing a hook as a knockout punch, make sure it is powerful enough. Another important thing is to aim the punch through the target rather than aiming the punch at the opponent.