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Allergies with Homeopathic Treatment

Are allergies affecting your quality of life? Are you wondering whether Homeopathy can help treat allergies? The answer to your question is ‘Yes!’ Homeopathy is an effective, gentle, and safe system of medicine for treating different types of allergies. If you have long-standing or chronic allergies, it is possible to reduce their severity, frequency, and duration. It will also help reduce the dependency on conventional medications as well. Moreover, allergy treatment in Homeopathy is recommended by healthcare experts worldwide and has been used for centuries. So, let’s dig a bit deeper into how Homeopathy can help treat allergies.

Why Do Allergies Occur?

Allergies occur due to many reasons, which are as follows:

  • Low immunity
  • Stress
  • Aging
  • Genetics
  • Dust
  • Pollen
  • Vitamin deficiency
  • Unhealthy diet
  • Certain medicines like sulfa drugs & penicillin
  • Strong smells like cologne or incense sticks
  • Environmental conditions like cold weather or pollution


Allergic reactions can be mild, moderate, or severe. In extreme situations, an allergy can trigger a life-threatening reaction known as anaphylaxis. Allergy Treatment in Homeopathy can effectively address and treat the condition’s root cause.

What is Anaphylaxis?

Anaphylaxis, also called anaphylactic shock, is a severe, life-threatening reaction to certain allergens. A sudden drop in blood pressure and swelling of body tissues characterizes it. The following are the common symptoms of anaphylactic shock. However, each person may experience symptoms differently.

  • Dizziness
  • Headache
  • Shock
  • Anxiety
  • Feeling warm
  • Pain or cramps
  • Nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Feeling light-headed
  • Abnormal heart rate (too fast or too slow)
  • Difficulty breathing or shortness of breath
  • Itching & hives over most of the body
  • Swelling of the throat and tongue or tightness in the throat


If Homeopathy is administered on time, it can give great results. Furthermore, allergy treatment in Homeopathy not just treats the symptoms but the entire person at 3 levels: skin, respiratory, and gastrointestinal systems.

What are the Different Types of Allergies and Their Symptoms?

Allergens are substances that cause mild to severe allergic reactions in people. Though there are many types of allergens, they all have one thing in common, i.e., protein. In some cases, allergens do not contain protein but bind with the protein once inside the body to cause allergic reactions.

  • Skin Allergy – They are caused due to certain conditions like eczema, or contact dermatitis, which leads to rashes, hives, and itchy bumps.
  • Food Allergy – They are caused by specific dry fruits, dairy products, seafood, eggplant, etc., which leads to vomiting, bloating, or swelling of lips, face, and throat.
  • Dust Allergy – Often caused due to pollen grains, animal dander, spores, or dust mites, leading to coughing, sneezing, and teary eyes.
  • Drug Allergy – It is caused due to the intake of certain oral or external medications, leading to rash, shortness of breath, etc.
  • Insect Allergy – Caused due to insect bites, bees, ants, or wasps leading to pain, redness, etc.
  • Seasonal Allergy – It includes hay fever or allergic rhinitis caused due to airborne pollen grains, spores, or animal fur.


The allergy treatment in Homeopathy is preferred to treat the allergies mentioned above because they are made of natural ingredients. Henceforth, making them safe for all age groups.

Diagnosis of Allergy

Your Homeopathic doctor will likely do the following to determine whether you have an allergy:

  • Assess the signs and symptoms
  • Perform a physical exam
  • Will tell you to maintain a detailed diary of symptoms and possible triggers


After analyzing all these points, the doctor may recommend some tests for effective allergy treatment in Homeopathy. Some of them are:

  • Skin prick tests
  • Blood tests
  • Patch tests

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