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Use Hangtags

When people think of “hangtags” they picture clothes, but with a little creativity it can become so much more.

1. Apparel

Of course you can use a custom full color hangtag to brand your apparel line. You can either use it as a form of branding with your logo, website, and phone number (or just logo for bigger brands like Levis), you can add a serial number for inventory purposes, and/or you can use it as a care tag. Whichever way you choose to go, it is a must for any apparel brand. They usually come in standard basic shapes such as a square or a rectangle, but you can also customize them into any shape you want by getting a die cut one in the shape of your logo, mascot, or anything you want and are a great inexpensive way to reinforce your brand.

2. Business

They are a great and affordable way to brand and market your business. There are many ways you can use a custom hang tag in your business.

Gifting – The best use for business hangtags is gifting! You can use them for any occasion and for a very small investment it makes your marketing and brand stand out and shine. You are having a business open house and are giving away goodies; make it look better with a custom one. You can use it on trade show and raffle giveaways or during your holidays business gifting. They can be customized in the shape of your logo just to make it that much more impressive.

Product Information- Use it to display items in your showroom by adding product descriptions on one side or to display discount items in a more professional way.

Like any printed marketing material it is all in the design. Design your tags with your company’s information on one side, but basic only, and maybe a coupon on the other side custom with the trade show or event you are exhibiting at. Create a holiday background and use them as holiday’s thank you cards to personalize your business holiday gifts. If you are using them for an open house just attach them to your party favors with your company’s information on one side and details about your business open house on the other side.

3. Personal

They are also perfect for all your personal celebrations in life. Use a custom one for all you events gifts such as weddings, Christmas, birthdays, bar mitzvahs and bat mitzvahs, baby showers, parties, and more. A custom tag is much nicer than your generic one from the store and won’t break the bank. Tie it to your customized guest party favors or your gifts. They are also great for craft handmade goods.

Their usage is versatile and like any printing materials it varies based on your graphic design. Design them to reinforce your brand if you are using it for business and if you are using it for personal purpose create the artwork to match the theme of your event. No matter what occasion or purpose you have for your custom hangtags, they are an affordable way to wow its recipient and make you look good!