A well-built pool lasts for a few decades with proper maintenance. Nevertheless, even profound measures can’t stop a pool from displaying the signs of aging. Your pool will eventually wear and start to break from being constantly exposed to chemicals and water. If you don’t take immediate action after noticing the first few signs of your deteriorating pool floor, you will compromise the quality of your pool.

Fortunately, various modern tools can help you rectify the condition of your pool. This includes a pool resurfacing technique that will give your pool an updated look. As a professional pool designer in Sterling, Perfect Pools is experienced in creating high-end luxury pools and will help you maintain the integrity of your pool.

Therefore, look out for the following signs that tell you need to hire expert pool contractors to resurface your swimming pool:

1.   Erosion Marks

When water moves against a surface over a prolonged period, it causes erosion marks on that surface. For instance, consider a stream of flowing water. This water will gradually wear away the surface, forming a river. The running water causes friction on the surface, resulting in visible spots over time. You may notice such spots while you’re swimming in your pool. Since water is aggressive by nature, it requires proper chemical balance to prevent erosion. You can prevent water from dissolving a surface by including sufficient calcium levels. This technique would prevent surfaces like tile grout, concrete, and plaster from eroding. Nonetheless, if these spots are already visible, it’s time to get your pool resurfaced.

2. Stains That Won’t Clean

Have you been trying to brush away your pool stains without much success? Stains make a pool look unappealing. The following factors cause your swimming pool to stain:

  • Excessive chemical use.
  • If there’s a metal in the water.
  • If natural debris isn’t removed from the pool’s bottom.
  • Algae in the pool.
  • Improper servicing
  • Using abrasive materials to clean the pool

To improve the look of your swimming pool, hire professional pool designers in Virginia. With a resurfaced pool, you can ensure the quality and longevity of your swimming pools.

3. Rough Areas

Another reason to get your pool resurfaced is if you’ve been feeling rough spots on your pool floor. Rough areas can injure your feet. They occur due to the following reasons:

  • If the pool wasn’t installed properly
  • Unexpected damage
  • Chemical imbalance in terms of pH levels.

If your pool has a rough surface, ensure the safety of your swimming by having it resurfaced immediately. One rough patch will lead to another, and before you know it, the entire appearance and integrity of your pool are at stake.

A woman wearing sunglasses in a swimming pool.

4. Corroded Tiles Grout

Tile grout surfaces last three times the life of a plaster surface. However, lack of care can cause the grout to show aging signs and corrode. These tiles lose their adhesive property and detach from the surface. This happens due to poor installation services. Sadly, you won’t detect amateur services until the damage is done. Ruptured tiles can give you a severe cut. Therefore, resurface your pools to promote your well-being and hire expert contractors for the job to avoid the same mistake again.

5. Drop in the Water Level

An unexplainable drop in the water level is explainable. To solve the mystery of your disappearing water, try detecting a leak. There must be cracks in your pool’s surface that allow water to seep through it. Once again, cracks can appear with time but could also result from poor installation. Hiring expert outdoor pool designers are essential to resurface your pool and ensure its longevity.

6. Peeling Plaster

Pool surfaces are usually covered with a plaster layer. This layer provides an attractive and smooth pool surface. However, when the surface is exposed to chemicals and water, this plaster starts to peel off with time. You may prevent this from happening by using fresh water for your pool and adding the right chemical amounts. Nevertheless, if you witness peeling plaster on your pool’s surface, get it resurfaced at your earliest.

7. Rust Stains

Your pool’s shell oxidizing can cause tie wires and rebar to rust with time. You may patch the rusty area with a plaster layer, but most homeowners don’t like the idea of having a noticeable patch inside their pool. It ruins the pool’s aesthetic and makes it unwelcoming. With the resurfacing technique, pool contractors can help you remove the stains and bring a more unified outlook to your swimming pool.

8. Discoloration

A discolored wall beside a swimming pool.

Your pool’s surface can show discoloration for various reasons. These are:

  • The chemical balance of your pool isn’t right, causing a discolored surface.
  • You aren’t cleaning your pool well.
  • You have long ignored the mold growth on your walls.

Once bacteria develops inside your pool, it will not only ruin the beauty of your pool but will also impose negative health implications. Therefore, when you observe your walls showing discoloration, know that it’s time to get your pool resurfaced.

Looking For Professional Contractors in Sterling?

Resurfacing a pool restores its beauty and also protects its structural well-being. Ignoring the signs of your pool’s surface will lead to more significant problems and costly repairs. To maintain the integrity and structure of your swimming pool, reach out to Perfect Pools. They can help you get your pool healthy and beautiful again. Whether it’s resurfacing or remodeling your pool’s design, these professional pool designers can make your curb look appealing!

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