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Skin Care Treatment

Stretch marks are a common sight on the bodies of a lot of people. Usually they are considered to be permanent because they do not go away completely, but only reduce in size and lighten in color over a period of years. However, to keep looking good is a desire everyone harbors, and hence to remove the unwanted marks on the body a number of oils, creams, lotions, especially the vitamin E oil, is used in an effort to reduce or remove the marks completely. Surgery is considered as an effective alternative for stretch mark removal.

Prevention is better than cure:

Drinking lots of water is the best way to avoid stretch marks on the body as hydration helps in lubricating the joint areas and at the same time flushes out toxins from the body. Stretch marks are usually caused due to drying up and then flaking of skin, so it helps to keep drinking fluids as much as possible. Surgery is a popular method adopted by many people to get rid of the marks. However, it is advisable to try out remedies at home prior to getting under the surgeon’s knife. From hydration to the use of olive oil, most remedies come from the galley!

Women who wear bikinis simply hate these stretch marks as they ruin the appearance of the skin most exposed. Self esteem as well as confidence gets hit due to the presence of ugly looking stretch marks. Even as the body grows naturally, the skin develops stretch marks, especially in the teenage years. Pregnancy, sudden weight gain and weight loss and intense workouts are some of the causes of these marks appearing on the body. Athletes too are prone to developing these visually unappealing marks on the body.

It helps to ensure a healthy and nutritious intake at all meals. Make sure that your food is rich in all the necessary vitamins, minerals, good fats and other nutrients. Your diet should essentially include fruits, vegetables and seeds of pumpkin as well as whole grains. Don’t forget your daily exercise routine which helps in maintaining a toned body and skin. Skin exfoliation is another treatment for stretch mark removal which you need to indulge in on a regular basis, especially while bathing. It can be difficult to prevent stretch marks, but you can adopt necessary preventive measures. This is the best way to retain or regain your beautiful skin again. You can also consult with a doctor.

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