Human body has internal and external environments, and there are some parts of the body that form medium between the two. Cleanliness is important to ensure that these intermediary organs do not catch up the dirt from the external surroundings. Also, remaining physically active is important to maintain cough-bile-air balance in our body.

Let’s take a look at some acts of cleanliness that one should perform regularly to take good care of the self.

  • Oral Hygiene: Brushing teeth daily is essential to prevent germ build-up. If you don’t brush the teeth, the eatables stay trapped on teeth and may cause cavities. It results in bad breath. Also, remember to cleanse the tongue every morning with metal tongue cleaners.

The scum built during the night needs to be removed or it may  enter the body along with the foods. It can cause various diseases. Hence, metal tongue cleaners can help you keep tongue surface clean.

  • Cutting and Cleaning Nails Regularly: If you keep nails long, the dirt can accumulate below these. On eating with hands, the dirt can enter the internal atmosphere of the body and cause stomach infections. Doing pedicures regularly allow you to get rid of dead skin, ingrowths and fungal infections like corns and warts.
  • Cleaning Ears: The outer ear gathers wax in response to protecting the internal ear from dirt and foreign particles. Wax removal should be done regularly else it can become stiff and cause ear pain. The buds should not be inserted too deeply while cleaning the air and never use a sharp object for cleaning the ear.
  • Cleansing Colon: Some procedures are reactive or curative in nature. For example, if constipation hurts your stomach badly, or you don’t get smooth motion for more than 2 days in a row, you may use enema as a treatment. The water bag enema is useful in carrying out this procedure.

Enema Water Bag and nozzle are made of smooth material to avoid anal tear. You can cure all the discomfort caused due to constipation by taking enema as an at-home treatment.

  • Hair Care: Hair are important part of our body and help us protect the scalp from various germs and infectious materials. Keeping it clean is important for maintain good scalp health. Since head houses our brain, by using natural hair products and massaging it with a good-quality oil, you can improve focus, sleep quality and also keep the scalp moist. Washing it regularly with a natural shampoo help you maintain cleanliness of hair and helps you avoid flaky scalp.

Also, cleanliness of private parts is very important to avoid urinary infections and sexually transmitted diseases. If the urinary infection occurs often, it may be the sign of diabetes or may indicate kidney’s ailment.

Hence, a number of diseases and infections in our body can be avoided by following a regular cleanliness regime. Use the best quality cleanliness products like tongue cleaners, yoga mats, yoga sand bags, etc. from Soul Genie and stay steady on the fitness path.

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