Menstrual cups are no new name in 2022. However, there is no denying that people still prefer to live in denial that menstrual cups don’t exist or they aren’t good for women. While time and again, we have debunked myths and stated cold-hard facts about reusable period cups, some women are still confused about the different aspects of using a menstrual cup.

We are often asked- how many times you can use a menstrual cup or why getting a menstrual cup online is better than getting pads or tampons. Well, the big reveal is here. Here are some most-asked questions by women all across the globe.

What Are Menstrual Cups?

Fundamentally, menstrual cups can be defined as a sustainable and reusable alternative to period disposables. Unlike pads and tampons, which are absorbable sanitary products, a period cup can be inserted to collect the menstrual fluid, removed, and reused.

How Many Times Can You Use a Menstrual Cup? 

 Menstrual cups can be used for years if they are properly cared for. You can use them for up to 2 years, but make sure to clean them in boiling water every month after your cycle or after every period. You can wear a menstrual cup for about 6-12 hours, based on whether you have a heavy flow or not, and this makes cups an excellent option for overnight protection.

If I Have Used Pads All My Life, Can Using a Menstrual Cup Be Difficult?

No! Just like any new thing, using menstrual cups might be a bit different, but it’s not difficult. All you need to do is insert the cup, empty them once they are filled, clean them, and they are ready for the next use. If you are having trouble inserting the cup, you can also try different folds. Also, make sure to store the cup in a breathable bag/ cotton or jute pouch.

What Are the Benefits of a Cup? 

As menstrual cups are reusable, they can be a boon for the environment. Instead of contributing to the massive landfill waste with pads and tampons, you can do something nice for the environment. In addition, you also spend less in the long run on period products, plus cups are super convenient! You can legit wear a cup for about 8 hours, and you can carry on your daily business easily. They don’t slip from side to side just like pads, and you can carry them anywhere, which makes you ready for your period anytime and anywhere.

Does It Hurt to Insert a Menstrual Cup?

Inserting a menstrual cup might require some practice, BUT we can assure you it certainly isn’t painful. Once you insert them properly and form a seal, you would feel as if you are not wearing anything at all.

It’s a wrap!

Whether you are a cup newbie or this is your second or fourth purchase of a menstrual cup online, it never hurts to learn the basics. We hope this handy FAQ got you sorted in time. If you have any queries regarding menstrual cups, do ask because awareness is always better than ignorance!

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