Do you have plans to make your next vacation extra special? Then nothing can be more exciting than a yacht rental in Dubai. However, you may ask, why Dubai, as there are many other places offering yacht cruises? You are right, but none of them can match Dubai in various aspects. This bubbling city of the United Arab Emirates is more like a jewel in the middle of a vast desert. It has transformed itself into one of the most vivacious cities in the world, conquering natural challenges. For centuries Dubai was a small port town that was later converted to crossover for air passengers between East and West. Today, Dubai has transformed into a destination that is found almost on every traveller’s bucket list. It is one of the most visited cities in the world, offering excellent hospitality, and ensuring quality time with your loved ones.

Dubai, a City With Countless Opportunities

Dubai has everything that a traveller would like to have in its travel itinerary. From the vast desert, which is the main attraction of this emirate, to long stretches of coastline that offer a plethora of fun and adventure activities, apart from wonderful luxury yacht rental cruises. Moreover. Dubai also has heritage sites, the world’s largest and most advanced shopping malls, water and adventure parks, an artificial ski ring, an underwater marine sanctuary, the world’s largest fountain, sky-kissing towers, and world-class restaurants offering international cuisines and last but not the least lovely people. However, in recent times, yacht rental charter has become the most popular activity with both locals and visitors.

Not sure if a Dubai yacht rental trip is right for you? Here’s why you should try it once:

A+ Grade Service

When you rent a yacht in Dubai, it’s hard to beat the service and comfort. You’ll be able to enjoy truly five-star treatment while on your trip – all with breathtaking views of our beautiful city!

Tempting Gourmet Experience

A Dubai yacht tour offers an unparalleled experience. From private chefs cooking up delectable food to families enjoying delicious BBQs together – there’s always something new happening on these luxurious boats! You can even prepare a lovely breakfast surprise for your lovely guests alongside the chef if you want.

Novel Dubai Experience

Rent a yacht in Dubai and head to the sea to enjoy the spectacular views of Dubai that can only be seen from offshore. You’ll be able to see this region like never before-all while creating memories that will last your lifetime! The expansive blue sea and the Palm Jumeirah will certainly leave you awestruck.

Searching for the best yacht rental in Dubai?

Join the ranks of A-list celebrities, royalty and international Formula 1 drivers with our top-notch service! Dubriani offers some of Dubai’s most luxurious yachts for rent. From gourmet chefs to exclusive DJs we can provide you with an unforgettable experience on board any one of our yachts. Let us tailor your dream day by giving you the best yacht tour in Dubai today!

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