Rhinoplasty is commonly known as a ‘nose job,’ and it is a surgery for changing the shape of the nose after making modifications to the cartilage or bone. It is one of the most widely-sought after plastic surgery procedures worldwide, with many men and women going in for it regularly.

What are the top reasons for rhinoplasty in Maryland? 

People opt for rhinoplasty in Maryland to enhance the appearance of the nose, reshape their nose after an accident or an injury, rectify a birth defect, or correct breathing problems. The cosmetic surgeon will examine your nose prior to the surgery and make the following possible changes to it-

  1. There could be a change in the size of your nose.
  2. The surgeon might make changes to the angle of your nose.
  3. Make the bridge of your nose straight.
  4. Reshape the tip of the most.
  5. Make the nostrils narrower.

If the surgery is being performed to improve the appearance of your nose, then for health reasons, you should wait until the nasal bone has grown fully. Girls attain this full growth at the age of 15, while boys might take some more time as they continue to grow beyond the age of 15. However, if the rhinoplasty is being carried out for the purpose of breathing impairments, it can be performed earlier.

Is there any sort of side effects from the surgery?

Every surgery has its share of risks, and rhinoplasty is certainly no exception. The major side-effects you might face after the surgery are a bad reaction to the anesthesia administered to you, infection, or bleeding. Again, some people might have the following additional side effects-

  1. Difficulties in breathing.
  2. Bleeding in the nose.
  3. The nose feels numb.
  4. Scars.
  5. The shape of the nose becomes asymmetrical.

Sometimes the patient might not be happy with the results of the surgery, and in case they want a second surgery, they must wait for their nose to completely heal first. The second operation takes time, and in most cases, it is generally performed after one year of the first operation.

Getting ready for the surgery 

You should first meet your surgeon to discuss whether you are an ideal candidate for the operation or not. In this discussion, you should talk about your goals and expectations about the surgery so that your doctor understands your reasons for opting for rhinoplasty in Maryland.

The surgeon later examines your medical history and asks you about any medical conditions or medications you are currently taking. If you have Hemophilia, a disorder resulting in excessive bleeding, the doctor will advise you not to go in for any sort of elective surgery like a rhinoplasty.

The surgeon conducts a physical examination and examines the skin, both on the inside and outside of the nose, to determine the changes that must be made. Besides a physical health examination, your surgeon will also advise you to conduct some lab and blood tests before the operation.

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