An iPhone is a brilliant device and maybe that is why many people choose an iPhone over an Android device any day. But, even with a million users, we can never be too sure that there will be no issues with the device as nothing is perfect. In this guide, we are going to tackle a very common issue that iPhone users face whenever they use their devices. 

I am sure that all of us know that an iPhone has the voicemail feature in it that allows callers, to leave a message for the owner of the device if he/she is not picking up but if the call goes straight to voicemail without ringing iPhone then, it can be very problematic for you as you can miss out on some important calls that you might have been waiting for. We are going to tell you some simple methods that you can use when you want to fix this issue on your device and then see if your iPhone works fine.

How can you Stop your iPhone Calls from Going Straight to Voicemail?

Wondering, how do I stop my iPhone from going straight to voicemail then, do not worry as here we are giving you some simple and quick fixes that will help you in resolving your issue. 

No service or deactivated service

If you are in a geographical region where your device is not getting any service then, you will see that your calls will go directly to voicemail as there is no reception for your calls to come through. You need to make sure that you move to a geographical location where you are near some cell towers and are disconnected from service. 

Do not disturb mode

Another thing that you need to make sure if you are wondering why are my calls going straight to voicemail iPhone is to check if your device is not in the do not disturb mode. If you have enabled the Airplane mode on your device then, you have to make sure that you have turned it off before expecting any other calls or messages. 

Silence unknown callers

You need to see if the calls that you are not getting are from some unknown numbers then, the Silence unknown callers feature of your iPhone might be on and this feature is preventing your calls from coming through. You need to turn this feature off from the Settings of your iPhone so that you can get all the calls that you want on your device. 

General iOS update

Another reason why you might not get your calls is that your iPhone is not updated to the latest version. See if there is any update for your iPhone and then, update the device to see if your issue is fixed. 

There can be many other reasons like incorrect carrier settings of your iPhone and many others that can be responsible for the same. You can get more methods on the website so remember to visit the website.

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