Pakistan is situated in South Asia and is one of the best countries with respect to culture. Pakistani clothing plays a key role in the culture of the country. Clothing here is unique and quite extraordinary. People love to dress up differently but never go out of their cultural traditions. Hence, culture determines what sort of clothing people of Pakistan wear. As of late, western impact has also affected the way people dress up. Anyway, there are certain clothes that are quite popular in Pakistan. This is a detailed guide on Pakistani clothing. So, here is everything you need to know in this regard.

Salwar Kameez – The Most Popular Pakistani Clothing

The most popular clothing in Pakistan is salwar kameez. Men and women both wear this traditional dress on a routine basis. It is the national dress of Pakistan and you would see almost everyone wearing it. It is their traditional and cultural dress as well. So, it is one of the popular dresses for men and women.

Lawn Dresses During Summer

Pakistanis wear different dresses for different reasons. For instance, during the summer, Pakistanis often wear lawn dresses. Specifically, women wear lawn dresses during summer because it is usually hot outside. In such hot circumstances, lawn dresses are ideal. Therefore, people prefer them to save themselves from severe circumstances.

Different Variety During Winter

Similarly, during winter, the variety of clothing is quite different. There are no lawn dresses during winter.  People prefer other fabrics. For instance, people prefer velvet dresses, linen dresses, and khaddar etc. So, the variety of clothing in winter is quite different as compared to that of summer.

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