Video games are known to be the number one entertainment in the technology world, or perhaps in this generation. Video games are software made for entertainment that can be played solo, in a duo, or in teams, and many more. It is made as an electronic game that involves interaction, puzzles, problem-solving, and collaboration. It can be enjoyed with the use of electronic gadgets such as cell phones, laptops, computers, television, and many more gadgets. 

It is made for various reasons; enjoyment, learning, entertainment, therapy, and many more. Video games are also known for their vibrant colors, visual effects, sound effects, and complex graphics. Video games consist of a whole list and still counting list of game genres that are designed; sport, adventure, fighting, puzzle, action, simulation, real-time strategy, racing, survival, role-playing, shooter, interactive, and real-life problem-solving. 

These are made for entertainment and even learning purposes. As gadget electronics upgrade and advance, so do games and different applications. There are a lot of factors in the technology world that need upgrading and video games are one of them. 

Though we enjoy the purpose of video games, it is also important to have knowledge of who’s behind every game we play.

If you are an aspiring game developer and want to pursue game development and game programming, it is essential that you know what skills they require. There are a number of process ways to become one. Browsing through the internet could help you with the first step, resumes. There are a lot of websites that could help you in creating one. From game design resume examples, tips and tricks on the job interviews, to basic tutorials of programming. If you are an aspiring game developer, this article will discuss the skills one should possess in the field of video games and technology. 

What are Game Developers?

Game Developers are the ones who create and program the games we play today. They are the ones who design the concept, theme, colors, characters, and graphics we see on our screens. They are the ones who transform games from just a mere concept to a playable reality. They are tasked to encode the visual elements including all the characters, colors, and designs you see, they also program the features, test iterations if the game is ready to be published, and do frequent updates to make sure the game is still entertaining and make sure that there are new attractive changes in the game. Behind a well-developed game is a talented and skilled game developer.

What Skills Should a Game Developer Possess? 

  • Creativity

This skill is the most essential key skill any designer should have. It is important for designers to be creative in order to create a design that could be enjoyed by everyone. It is also important for them to have creative and flexible ideas in their game development to fit everyone’s personal taste so the game would be appropriate for everyone. Their creativity advances the ideas of reality, the connection of the game to audiences, the main function of the game, and especially the future upgrades and attractiveness of the game.

  • Technology Skills / Programming Skills

Aside from all the creativeness one designer should have, the ideas they collected should also be inputted within the game, thus knowing how to manipulate technology and knowing how to program functions is very essential in this job. It is also the basis of hiring managers whether or not one designer is fit for the position and the job. One designer should have the knowledge to program games, characters, and graphics in order to create a well-established game. With this, a designer should also know how to fix glitches and problems in the use of technology. 

  • Communication Skills

Behind a well-developed game, is a team. Thus, it is important that one designer is able to collaborate ideas with one another. Creating a game takes up so much effort and time and ideas, and could not possibly be done by a single person unless one has all the time in the world to do so.  In creating a game for a company, they are given a deadline on when it should be presented, improved, enhanced, and published. Everyone in this field of work needs to brainstorm and gather ideas to create one concept game. Thus, communication skill and listening skill is one of the most important traits one has to possess in order to create an effective output.

  • Passion for Video Games and Technology

Having knowledge of skills is not enough especially when you don’t love what you are doing. In a job interview, the hiring manager will ask about your passion and your answer could have a big impact on whether or not you’ll get the job. Doing what you love and what gives you joy and enjoyment in doing is the key to happy job life. Passion for what you do will help you grow and improve. It drives you to specific goals and gives you motivation no matter how difficult the work may be. It inspires motivation, effective teamwork, social skills, and eventually success.


Pursuing video game development and video games with a wholehearted will could eventually lead you to success and satisfaction in what you accomplished. Being a skilled and knowledgeable video game developer will open new opportunities for bigger projects. Thus, it is important to be informed about this topic whether or not you are deciding to pursue this profession. 


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