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Employment-Based Visas

Employment-based green cards are given to people with the essential skill set. They can enter the country with their close family and work and reside here under EB visas. Consult a Dallas EB-1 Visa attorney to get assistance in your visa application process.

Five types of employment-based visas are distinguished based on their criteria and qualifications. They are as follows.

The first preference EB-1 visa

EB-1 grants green cards to people with “extraordinary abilities” in the fields of business, sciences, academic research, arts, or athletics. There is no requirement for labor certification for this kind of visa. Close family members of EB-1 green card holders can apply for entry into the US based on E-14 or E-15 status. of immigration.

The second preference EB-2 visa

Professionals with advanced degrees or individuals with at least ten years of experience in a specific field of work are eligible for EB-2 visas. It is given to people whose employment can benefit the United States and serve the country’s interests. The family members of EB-2 visa holders can apply for entry into the United States based on E21 or E22 status of immigration.

The third preference EB-3 visa

EB-3 visas are granted to those individuals who have a bachelor’s degree. It is also given to those laborers that hold non-temporary offers of employment from an American employer. Having labor certification and other eligibility criteria is necessary to receive approval under the EB3 visa. The family members of Eb-3 visa holders can enter the United States with the help of particular child or spouse forms. 

The fourth Preference EB-4 visa

EB-4 green cards are a particular type of religious worker; foreign service employees of the US; employees that have retired but used to work in international organizations; and noncitizen court wards of the US are some of the people eligible for this visa. There is no requirement for certification of labor. Some of the relatives of green card holders will be allowed entry into the US.

The fifth preference EB-5 visa

This kind of green card entails the immigrant investor program. There are no requirements for labor certification for this. Such types of visas are given to people who invest around 1.8 million dollars in a new establishment that has the following elements:

  • The company or establishment must have at least ten full-time employees.
  • $900,000 in a newly established business venture. 

With the help of this investor program, the investor and their family can apply for a green card.