Knowing the importance of CBD boxes, they provide several benefits to businesses that are not easy to attain from other sources. Their ease of customization facilitates the manufacturers to create them in different styles. Experimenting with innovative ideas is the best way to grab the customer’s attention. Cardboard is a highly versatile material that can be modified in any shape to create a package of your choice. Although there are several packaging styles you are familiar with, let us have a look at some of the amazing types of CBD boxes used commonly and the benefits they may offer to your business:

Display Box Style:

This style of CBD packaging is popular all over the world as customers often see it near the billing counters or on retail shelves. The brands use a variety of customizations to make them more appealing to the customers. Most of the display boxes are open from the top side while some have a clear vinyl sheet for enhancing the level of protection. The backside of most of them is large and high. The shape and size of the side, back, and front walls can be easily customized according to your need. The manufacturers may also customize the packaging according to various kinds of events to attract the target audience.


The main benefit of a CBD display box is to showcase the products more effectively in an amazing style. It also stimulates the buying behavior by grabbing the customer’s attention in seconds.

Sleeve Packaging Design:

It is among other best packaging designs that most of the CBD brands prefer to use. The packaging comes in two separate parts to enhance the protecting ability of this style. It is your choice whether you choose the tray-like structure or the entire box with a sleeve. The sleeve provides an additional layer of protection to your CBD products. It also increases the visual aesthetics, making it more appealing for the target audience. Customers get a wonderful user experience while unboxing such type of packaging. All this is because of the sliding tray inside. Such type of packaging is commonly used for CBD oil packaging. As oil bottles are delicate and usually made from glass. Therefore, they are placed in CBD oil boxes having sleeves and an in-built insert to ensure safe delivery.


 Such type of sleeve packaging provides a premium look to your products and enhances their level of protection. You can customize the boxes in an array of sizes and designs to make them more eye-catchy.

Flip-Top Package:

You can use different types of boxes for CBD oil packaging but this design stands out among others. It is simple yet aesthetically appealing. The flip-top package comes up with a foldable lid on the top side. Due to this, you can easily place your CBD products inside without the fear of damage. Businesses can do interesting customizations to increase the functionality of the packaging. For example, design it with inserts or a built-in handle to make it more protective and convenient to use. Such types of conventional packages are easy to get at a quite low cost.


Flip top CBD boxes give an elegant and appealing display. Such types of packages are ideal to be used for product packaging where convenience matters the most. They are shipped in flat form. This shows how impressive they are for different types of businesses.

Magnetic Closure Box:

If you are looking for a stylish and effective way to display your CBD product range, a magnetic closure box is an ideal option to consider. These packages are attractive in style, that’s why the majority of customers like them. The secret of this packaging lies in the magnetic strip that helps in closing the box well. Print them with interesting graphics and alluring colors to create a distinct identity. Such type of CBD boxes will make your brand to be perceived as high-quality. Magnetic closure CBD boxes provide a good unboxing experience to the customers. It’s the reason that such type of packaging has become the preferred choice of businesses.


This type of box style is well known for its tight-sealing from the edges due to the magnetic power. It gives a professional and highly appealing display to grab the attention of everyone. Moreover, its magnetic power minimizes the risk of damage.

Shoulder Box:

If you are looking for CBD packaging that adds a luxurious look to the products, a shoulder box is a good option to consider. Many businesses prefer using them to showcase the rich value of a product. A shoulder box has three parts i.e. a tray, base, and a lid. It works amazingly well, especially for delicate products. The tray is fixed with a base and the lid is removable. The lid can be easily placed on the tray. The box comes up with an elegant line that helps in enhancing the charm of these packages. It’s the reason that shoulder boxes are quite amazing for enhancing the value of your CBD products.


The packaging gives a luxurious and professional look and helps to add on the level of protection for your products.

Window Packaging Style:

Such types of CBD boxes can be easily used to present delicate products. Window packaging does have a particular style rather you may create a window or a die-cut pattern on any package to make it attractive for the users. It is an effective way to showcase your products in a retail environment. Experiment with different shapes to make the packaging quite impressive.


Window-style CBD boxes facilitate the customers to view the products even before purchase. They increase the overall perception of your brand by proving a mesmerizing display.

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