Cryptocurrency is not a taboo anymore among the investors. With the enrichment of the crypto assets space, the ease of diversification has crept in. Also, the amazing returns delivered by the crypto assets offer the right reason to stay invested. All the possibilities call for having access to the cryptocurrency exchange.

Limited information available on cryptocurrency and trading platforms may deprive the investors of trying this venture. If you don’t want to belong to this league, refer to the following list of the best cryptocurrency exchanges in India.


  • CoinDCX


CoinDCX is haven for the best crypto traders. It is operational in India and requires minimum investment of Rs 100 to start trading. This exchange has all the features considered right for the faster trading. Its interface is simple yet engaging. The navigation is quite self-explanatory.

This crypto currency exchange is usable as an app and offers convenience of trading more than 200 crypto assets including Bitcoin and Ethereum. Trusted by more than a crore investor in India, the app offers features such as – locking prices, one-to-one assistance, and just three-step trading process.


  • WazirX


WazirX allows trading in more than 450 cryptocurrencies. It is the best cryptocurrency exchange in India which allows buying its native coin WRX using Indian Rupees. This coin can be further traded with Bitcoins, Ethereum, etc. The exchange moves volumes of $10Bn monthly as per the latest reports. Investors get alerts and several trading triggers backed by live market status, quick buy/sell options, etc.


  • CoinSwitch Kuber


With the initial deposit requirement of as low as Rs. 100, this exchange makes crypto trading accessible for all. The exchange offers about 80 currencies to trade. You can also get trading pairs like Crypto to crypto, INR to crypto and vice versa. The users get the options of both P2P transactions and bank transfers to scoop earnings and make payments for trading. Currently, more than 1 crore users are registered with CoinSwitch Kuber.


  • Binance India


The best crypto traders in India put Binance India in their bookmarks quite often. This exchange acquired WazirX in 2019, offering flexibility to invest using both ventures with single account to its users. Investors find an impressive lineup of the crypto trading options that comprise margin trading, futures, swap farming, cross interest and others. The monthly volume of Binance is around $76Bn.


  • BuyUCoin


Not only have you earned by trading, but also by providing referrals when you are on BuyUCoin. The features that make it the best cryptocurrency exchange in India are – real-time spot trading, cashbacks, free wallet, etc. This exchange has about 10lakh registered users. There is no deposit fee and the minimum investment requirement is Rs. 20. It offers systematic crypto investment plans, too, to offer better returns and safety.

To Conclude

Cryptocurrency trading is catching up with investors. The exchanges are working in full swing. Their success can be gauged from the numbers of investors registered and the trading volumes managed per month. It is the right time to think about having an account in a crypto exchange. If you have already made up the mind, take the clues from the list above and get a crypto exchange account right away.

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