Tetramethyldivinyldisoxane and Divinyltetranyldisiloxane are synthetically-derived polymers. Compared to their natural counterparts, they are incompatible with oxidizing agents. Because of this, they can cause serious eye and skin irritation.

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Preparation of Tetramethyldivinyldisiloxane

A process for the preparation of tetramethyldivinyl disiloxane is disclosed in the present invention. This polymer can be used to manufacture a wide range of synthetic materials, including pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and biomaterials. The invention focuses on reducing energy consumption while improving yield. To carry out the method, a reaction is carried out under positive pressure.

The starting organosilicon compound (OMD222) corresponds to the functionality formula M10D222T8. The monofunctional siloxane unit is substituted with a difunctional one and polymerized octamethyl cyclotetrasiloxane is subjected to an acidic hydrolysis-condensation reaction. The resultant compound is pure tetramethyldivinyldisiloxane.

A monofunctional organopolysiloxane unit (A1) is substituted with an alkaline compound (R=H, R=CH3). The resultant organopolysiloxane is in the range of 10-5 to 10-3. Its viscosity is usually between 100deg C to 180deg C. If it is necessary, a higher temperature is used to remove the unreacted reactants.

Molecular structure of this organopolysiloxane is branched. The yield of this reaction is about 87%. It is an important step in the production of polymers for use in various chemical processes. The yield of this reaction depends on the type of monomer used. There are various types of organopolysiloxane (OPSI VIII) used for the reaction.

Preparation of Divinyltetramethyldisiloxane

In the following paragraphs we will discuss the Preparation of Divinylt-tetramethyl-disiloxane. Essentially, this is the process by which a dimethyl-vinyl-silane is reduced to a single molecule. Then, a portion of the molecule is removed by distillation in vacuo. The resulting product is a solvent called Divinylt-t-dis-siloxane.

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In the preparation of Divinyl-tetramethyldisiloxan, the alkyl and alkenyl-containing siloxanes are prepared. The alkyl groups are used in the reaction with the aryl-containing siloxane. The component (B) must be added in an amount of two moles for every mole of platinum atom in component (A). Otherwise, the stabilizing effect of the platinum catalyst will be minimal.

The Preparation of Divinyl-t-tetramethyldisiloxananes can be performed in a similar manner to the preparation of the platinum complexes. The ingredients used to prepare the platinum complexes are the same as those in Example 1. The reaction was conducted in a glassware container at 70 to 80 degrees Celsius. Its platinum yield did not exceed 56%, but it decreased dramatically after 60 minutes of heating. In this reaction, platinum black was produced in a greater proportion than the platinum, which decreased the yield to 35.

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