Daycares Every year we’re excited to get started on water play! Kids love playing in the water, especially when playing outdoors.

Water play allows children to develop many different abilities while having fun with this enjoyable game. Children love playing in the water, and it is essential to give children meaningful educational opportunities.

What can you do to encourage your child’s love of the water through play?

Offer a range of materials and toys to allow children to engage in play. Begin with recycled materials (make sure they’re safe and not breakable at first) like unfilled containers, bottles, or cups. Other items include measuring cups, funnels, spoons, colanders, water droppers, and many more.

As children mix with their splashes, pouring and mixing, asking scientific questions, such as “What do you think will happen if you pour that jug of water into that cup?” or observe, “That water splashed a lot when you dropped the cup into it.”

By asking questions or commenting on a child’s activities, adults help facilitate learning.

What kind of skills do children acquire when they play with water?

While water play is enjoyable and refreshing, it’s also an excellent way to begin learning! From Early Childhood News, Water Play: Wet and Wonderful (by Angie Dorrell, M.A. ):

Splish, splash, bubble, bubble, pop! Playing with water indoors and out is an exciting sport for children as it’s always accessible, flexible, and offers opportunities for learning over time.

All They’re Doing Is Splashing, Right? Wrong! Water play is a great way to learn across all areas of development. It gives children the opportunity to play with science and math concepts and strengthen their physical abilities, improve their emotional and social skills and improve their language.

This article further explains how children can be taught through water play to improve their problem-solving abilities and math skills, physical development, emotional and social growth, development of language creativity development, and so on.

PreK Graduation – Dear Dr. Day Care

Dear Dr. Day Care,

I recently went to my niece’s school graduation. Do you not think preschool children aren’t mature enough to attend an event like graduation? Aren’t there too many celebrations and “achievements” that they are getting less important?

Dear Great Aunt,

I hugely support the ceremony held at the preschool (or PreK) graduation. A ceremony to celebrate the graduation of a preschooler is an excellent occasion to celebrate the learning process and acknowledge an important achievement! The first step toward many milestones.

There have been times when people ask me the reason why my early childhood centers organize a large preschool graduation ceremony. I’m so excited and explain that the family and educators are celebrating this first of many more graduations throughout a child’s life. When a child prepares and attends their graduation ceremony, they know their families, friends, and teachers are celebrating their achievements!

The ceremony of graduation is about the milestones and achievements of each child. A few incredible achievements celebrated include learning to write letters and numbers, writing names, measuring with the system of metric measurements, discovering new foreign language words, learning sign language, and much more! Children are taught to appreciate the natural world through outdoor activities. 

They are taught to value friendships through the relationships they form in preschool. The most important thing is that preschoolers understand that they are safe and cared for by others besides parents and family members.

The feeling of pride and satisfaction when you cross an open stage and receive your diploma from preschool is truly incredible. Through the tassel of the cap of your graduation (I have attended over fifty years’ worth of graduations for preschoolers, and children enjoy the tassels on their cap for graduation the most!) to hearing the ceremony song from “Pomp and Circumstance” for the first time it is a memorable moment.

Graduation is an excellent occasion for families to impart to their children the importance of education. The preschool graduation is just the beginning of many graduations throughout their lives.

To enhance the message parents give their children on graduation, To complement the message of parents’ graduation, I wrote: ” Edgar Graduates,” which provides information about the process of graduation from the beginning of diapers to diplomas. The book also has a special where you can record important milestones like graduations, all in one location.


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