Skincare, once considered expensive and time-consuming, can actually be a surprisingly simple and effective contribution to your health and self-confidence. There are several ways to take care of your skin, including diet, exercise, cosmetics, and the use of natural skincare products. Simple products and choices can prolong the youthful appearance of your skin and prevent future problems. Good skin care can be simple. From proper cleansing to using the right skincare products, here are a few healthy tips:


The appearance of our skin is affected by our digestion. Many common skin conditions such as rosacea and psoriasis may have their root cause in digestive problems. Regular daily hydration – especially water – is the most effective way to combat digestive problems. Water cleanses the cells in your body and eliminates the bacteria and waste that infect your skin. The recommended amount of eight glasses of water per day speeds up the process of cell cleansing and results in better skin cell content.


The best source for regulating digestion is dietary fibre. Although many people do not consume enough fibre in their normal diet, it is an important factor that can help your digestive system function properly and your skin looks better. Men and women should consume an average of 30 grams of fibre per day for their digestive systems to function optimally. The average person only consumes about one-third of that.

An easy way to increase the amount of fibre in your diet is to eat snacks like seeds, nuts and dried fruit. Foods like oatmeal, flaxseed, peas, beans, apples, carrots and citrus fruits also provide more fibre and get your digestive system moving.


Exercise promotes blood circulation and perspiration, which causes you to sweat and secrete excess waste that gets trapped in your skin. Exercise tightens skin tone and improves the structure of the epidermis. Blood circulation restores your skin’s natural glow, which is usually dulled by sedentary activity. When you exercise, you feel more energetic and confident, increase your self-esteem and reduce stress.

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UV rays can be very damaging to your skin; it is important to protect yourself from the sun when you spend extended periods of time outdoors. The sun is the main cause of wrinkles, age spots, dry skin and skin cancer. The sun is hottest in the middle of the day, and the rays are most damaging then.

Sunscreen is a must: apply sunscreen before you go outside so it has time to absorb into the skin and provide the best protection. Wear sunglasses when it’s bright outside – UV rays are one of the main reasons for vision problems. Over time, the sun damages your eyes, even when you’re not looking at the sun.


Exfoliation is a process that should be done daily to maintain health, youthful-looking, natural skin. The first step is choosing the right product for your skin. There are many different cosmetics available, but some contain ingredients that can be detrimental to the goal you are trying to achieve.

Using natural skin care products is a great way to achieve safe and healthy results. Natural sea salts and Dead Sea salts are great for exfoliating the body, and natural sugar scrubs are slightly less irritating for the face. Some products contain hemp seed oil, avocado oil, apricot oil, jojoba oil or vitamin E oil as additional natural emollients. Use warm, not hot, water to cleanse and exfoliate the skin.

Water that is too hot will strip the skin of moisture, leaving it rough and less healthy than before. Wash your skin with circular motions, as the circular motion opens the pores and allows you to remove hidden dirt. Blot your skin as it dries, do not wipe it. Blotting it allows some of the remaining water to penetrate your body and supports the moisturizer you apply after cleansing.


Daily use of moisturizing natural skin care products is one of the easiest and most important ways to care for your skin. When bathing or showering, many people find ordinary soaps drying to the skin. Shower gels with nourishing oils like hemp seeds, vitamin E, or natural plant-based glycerin soften the skin while they cleanse it. Try to avoid products that contain sodium lauryl sulfate or sodium Laureth sulfate, as studies have shown that they have harmful and even toxic effects with long-term use.

Whether using a natural skin oil spray after a bath or shower, a moisturizing skin lotion or skin butter, daily moisturizing protects skin from the elements, has anti-ageing properties and gives skin a soothing, healthy glow.


When buying skin care products, make sure they contain natural oils and plant extracts. Popular moisturizing skin care products include hemp seed oil, argan oil, avocado oil, jojoba oil, apricot oil, coconut oil, vitamin E and shea butter. It should be noted that not all synthetic chemicals are necessarily bad or unsafe.

Many natural-based skin care products require a few chemical compounds to be effective, maintain stability and ensure durability. However, you should try to avoid skin care products that contain sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium Laureth sulfate, parabens, phthalates, propylene glycol, mineral oil or artificial colours.

Conclusion: Natural skin care is an important factor in your appearance. Apply these simple tips and you’ll soon have smoother, more radiant skin that makes you feel healthier and more confident!


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