Romantic Location and Proposal Preparation After searching for the right diamond and choosing an engagement ring, it’s time to plan your proposal. While everyone has an idea of ​​the best place to propose whether it’s the restaurant where you had your first date or your family’s home, here are 5 most romantic places of the world to bring your diamond ring.

  1. Singapore

Despite its small size, Singapore really has a lot of romantic places to visit. There are many great places to enjoy the night view, maybe the Singapore Flyer or the Sentosa Cable Car or the Suntec City Fountain of Wealth where they can project your offer letter on the water if you want more. There are city scenes.

  1. Paris

Oh, the city of love in France. Choose your location from the Eiffel Tower, the Seine bridges or the Montmartre mountains, enjoying the atmosphere of love.

  1. Cook Islands

Enjoy the warm sun, cool waters and relax in private beach homes in one of the most romantic locations in the world. At night, enjoy a private candlelit dinner on the beach, get down on bended knee and slowly pull out your diamond rin…

  1. New York

For a city that never sleeps, it has many different places to recommend. Choose from a boat ride and enjoy ocean plants or a candlelit restaurant in Central Park or even atop the Empire State Building!

  1. London

While London may not be the most romantic place that springs to mind, the London Eye offers one of the most stunning views of the city. Above this ferris wheel, you can see the wonder in her eyes as she looks out over the city, and the breathlessness as she slowly removes the movement ring.

The location is one of the many factors that help make your wedding the best and most memorable experience. Love is surely an exciting feeling. When two people are in love being with each other feels like everything. Often times love birds like this choose to escape the world and just have a romantic vacation together.

Of course, may it be love birds or not, being confused about where to go on your romantic vacation extravaganza cannot always be avoided. There are surely a lot of romantic places you can find around the world. May it be from America or even all the way to South East Asia, there is always a place perfect for you as a couple.

You can have an adventurous date with your partner in Colmar. You can even try their special pizza called “Tarte Flambee” which is basically a small thinned crust pizza that will surely make your taste buds wanting for more. One restaurant that you can try in Colmar that has been recommended by Gourmet Magazine is “Les Maison des Tetes.” You can have a sweet dinner together of foie gras, fish, escargot, and of course, wine.

You can also check out Vogues Mountains. This place will surely amaze you with the views it can offer. Furthermore, this is perfect if you want to celebrate your romantic date together gazing at the rising and the setting of the sun.



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