A Mediterranean island, Gozo is a wonderful place to retire or settle down and enjoy a slower pace of life. Agriculture and fishing rule the flow of life on the island, preserving its rural charm and idyllic villages. The island is also affordable and possesses some of the most idyllic locations in the world. Read on to discover the top reasons to relocate to Gozo. You’ll be glad you did!


Gozo is smaller than Malta

Many people assume that Gozo is smaller than Malta, but this is not true. Gozo has a length of just over 14 km and a width of 7.2 km. Malta and Gozo share a ferry service, and there is even a helipad on the island of Gozo. Comino is the smallest inhabited island in the Maltese archipelago, and it is home to a few peasant families and no signs of civilization. In fact, Comino is a quiet place, with few cars and no roaring traffic. The ferry service takes around 20 minutes.

Located in the center of the Mediterranean, Malta offers both classic sandy beaches and adventurous diving opportunities. This archipelago has been inhabited for centuries, making it an ideal spot for trade and military purposes. Today, though, more people visit Malta and Gozo for travel and vacationing rather than diving. Gozo is about half the size of Malta, while Comino is only 500 paces around. However, the smaller size of Malta doesn’t deter the fun. The island has a high enjoyment per capita.


It is quieter

Living in Gozo can be a relaxing, peaceful experience. The island is small, only nine by five miles, and most things are accessible by car. While the main town of Victoria is the most popular destination, you can find quieter areas beyond its walls. Most towns have major roads that lead to Victoria, so there is very little traffic, but you will want to avoid residential areas. The island is a popular destination for tourists and second homes.

One of the best reasons to live in property for sale in Gozo is its rural charm. While the island has some large towns, it is also home to many small villages. Its quaint rural charm is apparent in the lush greenery and few buildings. The low cost of living and laidback atmosphere will appeal to remote workers looking for an unspoiled getaway. Those looking for a more tranquil lifestyle will enjoy living in Gozo.


It is idyllic

If you are searching for a slice of the good old days, or if you would like your children to grow up in a country atmosphere, then Gozo is the place for you. The island is nine by five miles and has plenty of idyllic farmhouses for short-term rent. It is an idyllic place to live, where time seems to stand still. You can opt for a secluded life, or a social one.

The people of Gozo are generally peaceful and sleepy, but the islands really come alive during holidays, festivals, and summertime. The main resort town of Marsalforn is bustling with activity during high season, and has a charming, centrally-located beach. During the high season, two opera houses are open, offering performances to visitors. The island’s cultural events are also worth taking note of.


It has ancient temples

The gantija temple complex is the oldest Megalithic Temple in Malta. They are older than the Egyptian pyramids. You can walk in these ancient temples and learn about their history. But if you want to really learn about this island’s history, you should visit its earliest Megalithic temples. Gozo is also home to many other ancient temples, but this complex has the most interesting history. These temples were built thousands of years ago.

The most extensive building material found at the site are the ancient temples. They are made of coralline limestone. This material is durable enough to withstand the test of time, yet soft enough to be used for interiors. Coralline limestone was used to make the walls and doorframes of the monuments, while softer limestone (Globigerina limestone) was used to create the monument’s interior. Once constructed, the ruins were plastered.


It is affordable

One of the best things about living in Gozo is that it is relatively cheap, even for a city dweller. There are more affordable rental properties, but Gozo has a much slower rental market. In Malta, a decent apartment can sell within days. Gozo can’t compete with Malta in this area, but the prices are lower. Here are some reasons why. Listed below are some of the main reasons to move to Gozo.



The climate in Gozo is mild and the roads are well maintained, making it relatively affordable for a city-dweller. Winters can be cold, but they’re sunny and warm, making Gozo an excellent getaway for retirees. Gozo is also within a couple of hours’ flight of many European destinations, making it a perfect retirement destination. In addition to its affordable living costs, Gozo offers a relaxed, laid-back lifestyle.


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