Digital marketing has established a good hold in market that without using it a marketer can make its brand identity in this modern world. If any company wants to make its presence in online world for long run then it has to adopt different techniques of digital marketing to make its brand promotion in a market full of buyers. 

Although digital marketing is comprised with numerous techniques which can be used by companies to promote there brand but Email marketing is still the best out of many. 

Email marketing is the old method of promotion but it is still being used by many companies as it provides unbelievable result in an expected time. You must have heard a quote so many times that ‘Old is gold’, this perfectly suits for email marketing campaign.

Reason why Email marketing is best 

Cost effective 

If you have decided to promote your brand then don’t think twice to choose email marketing as it is very cost effective. Here you don’t have to invest any single penny to make promotion of your brand.  You only require a good internet connection, a digital device and Email id to advertise your campaign. 

Target customers 

Email can be send directly to target customers who have subscribed or registered on your website to get your promotional newsletters. Here you require a unique and attractive Content to be sent to customers to let them know about your brand promotion. One promotional mail can be send to bulk of customers together. Even you can block and spam unwanted and unauthorized mail from your id. 

No team is required

Email marketing is the only technique where you don’t require any team to work on your behalf. It can be operated by only one single person who has knowledge about how to operate email id. 

Get instant feedback 

As you know daily hundreds of mails are bombarded on every single individual and in a busy schedule people hardy get time to read all of them. They mostly read the mail which is attractive and useful. So to make people read your mail then it should be created unique and informatic so that it creates an urge in them to open and read what exactly you are providing. Instant feedback is provided by people who like your promotion and brand. As most of the people read mails immediately through the device available with them in there hand that is mobile phone. 

Device Friendly 

Email application can be installed easily in any device available with you. As it is device friendly and most of the Android version already have pre installed email application.  There you have to add your id to access immediately.

No time limit

There is no particular time limit to access email id as you can use them anytime 24/7 as per your comfort and convenience. Even you can use it from anywhere where you have good internet connection.

All the above reason and discussion would have made you clear that how email marketing is important and the best method in this new era of marketing.

You have many options in digital marketing landscape.  You can easily outsource your digital marketing works to some freelance persons at Fiverr or Freelancer. You can even outsource it to any reputed digital marketing company available in your area or online. You can also learn digital marketing through video courses available online platforms like UDEMY or similar. Google is also providing free digital marketing courses online or you can also join a good Digital Marketing Course online or offline in  your area.


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