Texas falls under the 26 States in America that come under the Federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration OSHA rules, and any sort of generation or the disposal of waste should be managed in compliance with OSHA. Biohazard and medical waste disposal in Texas are looked after by the Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission, which has laid out complex and stringent rules for these times of waste disposal. According to it, there are more than 5 million workers in the healthcare industry using medical materials like needles, syringes, and surgical scalpels, which are at the risk of contaminating sharps injuries and blood-borne pathogens. 

Medical Waste Disposal Near Me – How should sharps be disposed of safely?

When it comes to medical waste disposal near me programs in Texas, you will find there are specific guidelines and regulations pertaining to the different types of medical waste. The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality has stringent guidelines on defining the type of waste that is considered medical waste and how it should be stored, transported, or stored. These guidelines are extensive and clear, so if you take the time to go through them carefully, you can understand how medical waste should be correctly disposed of and treated to protect everyone, including animals in the environment. 

Spreading awareness and education 

The TEQC classifies and defines sharps as medical waste with specific guidelines to spread education among healthcare workers and people on how they should be treated. There are several states in America, including Texas, where healthcare workers are not clear on how they should dispose of sharps correctly. The TCEQ, in a bid to spread awareness, has published a sheet with all the information about how household syringes should be correctly disposed of to reduce the risks of penalties and fines for non-compliance. 

An insight into medical waste generators 

Medical waste generators in Texas can be a site, location, or a person who produces this waste to be shipped to another person or whose process or act generates medical waste to make it come under rules and regulations of the state pertaining to the above. There are two categories of medical waste in Texas, and they are –

  • Small quantity generators – They produce around 50 pounds or less of medical waste every month. 
  • Large quantity generators – They produce over 50 pounds of medical waste every month.

When it comes to the subject of medical waste disposal near me in Texas, you will also find something that has been defined as nuisance waste, and it refers to any sort of waste that causes pollution to its surrounding areas due to its storage, the way it has been processed or disposed of. The areas that it can pollute include surface or groundwater, is responsible for breeding insects or rodents or is the cause of offensive smells or odors that are risky to the health, safety, and welfare of humans. You will find more information on the above type of waste in the Texas Administration code, with specific regulations about its management and proper disposal methods. 


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