The medicinal ability of Cannabis is not a secret, there are many researches and trials that have demonstrated that it can be beneficial in reducing the severity of many symptoms; including conditions like cancer, HIV/AIDS, neuroskeletal disorders, rheumatoid arthritis, chronic pain, mental health issues, and many others of medical marijuana.

Its ability to reduce the severity of certain mental health disorders such as anxiety and depression, play a role in its ability to manage eating disorders. Eating disorders are conditions in which the patient stops eating due to the fear of gaining weight; it can become very serious if not treated and addressed at the right time. Eating disorders can cause significant emotional, physical and mental distress to the patient and the entire family.

After various studies, the medical fraternity has determined that most eating disorders start with an obsession with food, and these feeling are perpetuated by an unhealthy obsession with the body shape and weight, which directly impacts the patient’s relationship with food.

The disorder is characterized by binge eating anorexia and bulimia, making those affect eat less because they are concerned about weight gain. Diverse therapies have been use to manage this condition but have not been very successful. Scientists have discovered that Marijuana can be used as an alternative since it can successfully manage some mental health disorders for Buy Marijuana card sarasota.

What are Medical Marijuana Cating Disorders

Research has linked eating disorders with an imbalance in the patients’ brain chemistry and the endocannabinoid system. Since Marijuana’s effect on the endocannabinoid system has been establish, it has been investigate that it can also manage some symptoms of eating disorders.

Marijuana can impact the endocannabinoid system through chemicals such as CBD & THC, and can manage binge eating issues. However, the dose required for effective treatment is unknown. Patients looking to treat eating disorders with Medical Marijuana must follow the instructions of an experienced physician like those in My Florida Green.

Scientists have not discovered the primary cause of the imbalance in brain chemistry, but they believe it is due to a combination of diverse environmental, mental and psychological factors. Biological factors have also been implicate as a causative factor, if parents or one of the parents has an eating disorder, they are likely to pass it on to their offspring. Social factors have also contributed and added to the challenge of people facing issues with their body weight.

What are the Risks of Eating Disorders

While medical professionals are yet to pinpoint the root cause of eating disorders, people who are overly conscious and concerned about the way they look, may develop these disorders. Persistent peer pressure and low self-esteem all significantly aggravate this disorder.

Scientists developed the tripartite model to explain how eating disorders develop over time and its contributory factors. Although, according to the model, media and peer pressure build the desire for some preferred body shapes in the society. Scientists have further explained how genetic factors may also contribute as a predisposing factor for these disorders.

A study looked at how genetic factors contribute to binge eating and Anorexia Nervosa in the study. It showed that genetic factors influence eating disorders up to 40 or 60% more than other social or environmental factors.

It is important that only qualified physicians recommend Marijuana, as there is no one prescription. That suits every patient suffering from eating disorders. Physicians in My Florida Green will do a complete and comprehensive evaluation. Where they will ask for your family history to understand the genetic influence before considering other contributory factors.

Only experienced physicians can develop an effective treatment plan as they know the exact dose and strain of Medical Marijuana that will produce in the expected change.

Can Medical Marijuana be the Solution for Eating Disorders

The endocannabinoid system controls most functions in the body, such as emotions, memory, eating, and restricting food intake. Scientists have discovered a reduced activity of the neurotransmitter in patients. Who have been diagnose with eating disorders, anorexia, and bulimia.

Scientists have discovered inactivity or reduced activity of the endocannabinoid system can be influenced by Marijuana as it activates the neurotransmitter, indirectly activating the endocannabinoid system for Medical Marijuana Card Sarasota.

Further research studies identified two receptors that control human food intake, the CB1 and the CB2. When there is an imbalance in anandamide and leptin. It indirectly affects the receptors leading to an abnormal food intake by the patients.

The active components in Medical Marijuana, THC and CBD have potentials to activate CB1 and CB2. Which stimulate a positive feeding behaviour in an individual. When Medical Marijuana is take under the supervision of an experience physician, it stimulates appetite through the leptin pathway. It causes further release of Anandamide which is essential in regulating eating patterns and metabolism from food components.

How can you add Medical Marijuana to your Treatment Plan

If you want to reap similar benefits from Marijuana treatment, you should visit the physicians in My Florida Green. The initial consultation process with the physicians is an information gathering session. Before it progresses to developing a specific treatment plan for your condition. To get start with your treatment today, reach out to any of the My Florida Green physicians near you.


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