The modern-day, ultra-fast work culture is pushing man to grossly overlook his health. The rampant irregularities in health are a clear result of this widespread neglect in the general lifestyle of people. There is an increase in the frequency of heart patients, especially among people of younger age groups. Routine full-body health checkups are indispensable not only for the older generation but also for the younger. Regular health checkups are always advisable as they warn you before you get yourself into a serious problem.

Many multispecialty clinics and healthcare centers offer a variety of packages for routine checkups. There are also options for Health Check Up at Home. If you have availed yourself of a health insurance policy, your policy plan must include a free-of-cost complete health checkup on an annual basis. In order to avail of the best healthcare services, you should first run an internet search on your browser and look for medical centers that offer such facilities. Check whether the hospital complies with your insurance policy clauses. Most of the reputed and top-notch multispecialty hospitals in your city will offer a full body health checkup at no cost.

If you don’t have such a policy in place, you can still avail of the services by paying an amount, which is usually very affordable. A few first-rate multispecialty healthcare centers give huge discounts on their various packages. You can go for a complete health checkup either quarterly, semi-annually, annually, or biannually, according to your needs and preferences.

Why Go for Full Body Checkups?

  1. It is cost-effective in the long run as you don’t need to blow money when someone is radically under the weather.
  2. It is the wisest way to stay fully healthy as regular monitoring of your health will keep you informed of any signs of danger.
  3. It is particularly effective in managing and delaying the ill effects of genetically passed-on diseases.
  4. It is the best remedy for early intervention of diseases likely to be caused by leading a potentially damaging and deleterious lifestyle.
  5. It gets you to know the true nature of the illness at an early stage that would otherwise evade the diagnosis due to its advancement and its consequent development into a complex disease.
  6. It is very helpful in treating diseases caused by pollution and other environmental hazards.
  7. You can avail of amazingly affordable discounts from healthcare clinics all year round.
  8. You can easily avail a complete Health Checkup At Home without having to go to hospitals or clinics.

Who Should Have Routine Complete Checkups?

Young people in the age group of 20-30 yrs can check for BMI, glucose levels, cholesterol, cancers, tumors, breast cancer in women, STD screenings, PAP smear tests, etc.

Aside from the tests mentioned above, people aged 40 and up can get eye exams, dental exams, risk assessment tests for cardiovascular disease and Type 2 diabetes, mammograms for women, and PSA for men. People in their 50’s and 60’s can avail of tests for hearing impairment, vision problems, osteoporosis, bowel cancer, etc.

What Happens in a Full-body Check-up?

A full-body health checkup covers certain prescribed tests. This includes urine analysis, monitoring of blood pressure and blood glucose, blood count tests, and diagnostic lab tests. There are additional tests like x-rays, MRIs, and CT scans.

Regular full-body health checkups are part and parcel of the preventive healthcare services offered by many hospitals and clinics. An unhealthy lifestyle includes a wrong diet, sleep deprivation, and continuous exposure to technology. Although more and more people nowadays are embracing yoga, exercise, gym, a balanced diet, and other holistic programs to take charge of their declining health, the benefits of a regularly conducted Health Checkup At Home can’t be ruled out. It is still the best way to keep track of your health.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the minimum frequency recommended for full-body checkups?

You can go for such checkups quarterly, half-yearly, or yearly, depending upon your health and age.

Q. If I have a regular problem of cough and cold, will a full-body checkup help?

Yes, you will be able to determine the root cause of your recurring issue this way. This can help you cure the illness.

Q. Can obesity be controlled by regular checkups?

Yes, some hospitals offer packages for obesity, waist, and hip management. Search the internet for the best deals.

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