The Lalo app turns memories into digital items you can share with others. It is available for both Android and iOS and has recently come out of closed beta. Creating and sharing digital memories isn’t as simple as creating a Facebook group or uploading them to a photo album. The Lalo app makes it easy to keep loved ones’ memories alive and share them with others. The app is available on both Android and iOS, and adheres to privacy laws.


Lalo is a digital scrapbook

The founders of Lalo are hoping that people will keep their memories alive by sharing them with loved ones. This private online space will allow users to share memories and post audio and video clips. Users can also answer prompts and post photos and videos. By making memories more personal and meaningful, Lalo is a way to honor your loved one. And it is completely free. But the price of free doesn’t mean you’re limited to only sharing your memories – you can share as many or as little as you want.You can still keep traditions alive even when you’re far away from family.


It allows you to share memories of loved ones

The Lalo app lets you curate, share and preserve a wide variety of content. You can create private networks and communicate with friends and family in private. Unlike many social media apps, Lalo does not contain ads. You can also enjoy a private, ad-free interface. If you choose to create a Lalo, you can opt out of receiving notifications.

Juan Medina, a former Amazon employee, founded Lalo after spending eight years at the company. He lost his father when he was young, and realized that he did not remember enough about him to pass on his stories to his daughter. This led him to create Lalo, an app that allows you to share and preserve your loved one’s memories. The app also includes conversation prompts and videos.


It adheres to privacy laws

The Lalo app-keep memories alive is a new digital scrapbook application. It lets users create digital scrapbooks of their loved ones and share them with friends and family. Developed by Juan Medina, the app’s name is inspired by his father’s nickname, “Lalo.” The app is free to use, and users can add pictures and videos as long as they comply with privacy laws. It is possible to purchase extra storage space, but for now, the app’s free version is adequate.

Lalo adheres to privacy laws and is designed to help people remember loved ones. The app was developed by Juan Medina, who left Amazon after eight years as a senior manager. Although he does not disclose the reasons for this decision, he does acknowledge that the app does collect personal data and adheres to privacy laws. While this may not be the best solution for the surviving family, the app will allow users to cherish their loved one’s memories.


It is available for Android and iOS

If you are looking for a way to keep the memories of a loved one alive, try Lalo. It is a free memorial app that allows you to create a private, ad-free space for your loved one’s memories. The app taps into the emotions that surround the death of a loved one, and it provides a social, safe way to preserve family memories.

Lalo lets you store and share any type of content imaginable, making it easy to share with your friends and family. It also boasts a private network that allows you to communicate privately. You can invite only people you want, and you can delete any content you don’t want to keep. The app is free to download on Android and iOS. Users can also add text and photos for free, although it plans to charge $25 a year for more space.


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