If you are a Snapchat user you must be curious to know about what increases Snap score? Want to check the Snap Score of your account? In any case, if you are confused about how to deal with this issue just follow our article.

on the Snapchat App, you can check your Snap score. The Snap score indicates your rate of activities on the Snapchat App. 

  • You have to open the Snapchat app and tap on your profile icon present in the top left corner.
  • Now tap on the ghost icon present under the profile name with numbers written on the side of it.
  • You will now receive a popup that tells you about the number of snaps that you’ve sent/received.
  • Snapchat App also provides you a way to check the profile score of your friend. To do this you have to tap on their profile and follow the above-mentioned steps once again to know about their snap score.

Note that you can’t particularly determine the number of snaps sent and received by your friend on Snapchat.

For a Snapchat influencer, the Snap score matters a lot. Having a higher Snap Score provides a well-known recognition to the user. If you also want to increase your snap score but can’t find a way to do so? Follow this article further to know about the easiest way to increase your Snap score. What is the Snapchat score hacks to increase your Snap Score?

1. You have to Send multiple Snaps to Multiple People at Once.

To earn multiple snap core points at once, you have to send multiple Snap at a time to multiple people simultaneously which contributes to multiple points in your profile score. To increase the point, frequently repeat this process multiple times. Follow these steps to send a snap to multiple people.

  • You can open the Snapchat app on your device and tap on the camera shutter button to take a snap.
  • Now press the Send option and select multiple contacts to send your snap.
  • Now finally press the Send button to send snaps to multiple friends at once.


2. To be Consistent and Creative Regarding Sending the Snap.

Being consistent to send Snaps to your friends gives you an edge regarding Snap score. The ultimate secret behind popular Snapchat profiles is consistency and creativity sending and receiving snaps with your friends, will constantly increase your Snapchat score. Apart from consistency, being creative at the same time will make your snaps more interesting and creative.

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3. Don’t Leave any Unread Snaps in your Inbox.

If you don’t know, opening a snap makes your profile gain a new point each time. so always check your inbox and read all the Snaps once to increase your Snap Score. you have to remember this, open all the unread snaps sent by your friends or even from the support Team of Snapchat. 

Note that you will get the unread message in red text. You don’t have to read and view the full snap, open and closing instantly will also add a new point to your Snap score.

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