Have you noticed the rates for calling abroad from USA are going up? The rates for international calling have increased so drastically, with many people running into unexpectedly high and expensive phone bills. If you have your loved ones overseas, you know how expensive it is to call someone out of the country. But what if you don’t have to pay any expensive phone bills anymore?

Calling apps like Slickcall can help you to avoid costly roaming fees. You can call in any corner of the world without any trouble. Slickcall promises you smooth and enjoyable callings all over the world.

1. You can save hundreds of dollars on international call

For international calling, you have to pay through your nose. online International calls are remarkably expensive. On the internet, you will find many options like calling apps, cheap calling plans, calling cards and etc. But do they really allow people to make calls at cheap rates?

Slickcall is a reliable international calling app. They allow you to make unlimited calls at low rates. Slickcall is an app that tries to make its customers feel comfortable and confident while making a call.

2. Make Affordable calls to Kenya

Are you missing your mother in Kenya? And you want to make a call to her but didn’t find any reliable international calling app? Well, if you have someone in Kenya, then you know how frustrating it has been to deal with poor connectivity and, high affordable calling rates worldwide. With Slickcall you can call abroad in any corner of the world. They provide the best calling services and make sure to connect you with your loved ones.

2.1. How can I call using Slickcall?

Slickcall is an easy-to-use app. Calls with Slickcall are just one click away. All you have to do is download the app and you are set to make your FIRST cheap international call.

2.2. Free Sign-up

Slickcall is free to download. You don’t have to any extra fee for signing up. And get $2 free credit on the first sign-up.

2.3. No hardware

With Slickcall you don’t need any extra device or hardware to make calls.

2.4. No Scam

Slickcal is a trustworthy app. They protect their customer’s privacy and help them to make safe and secure calls abroad.

2.5. Call abroad for just 0.1$ per minute

Slickcall allows you to make calls to Kenya for just 0.1$ per minute. They will not charge you more than $1 on any call.

2.6. Calling rates in Kenya

Whether you are a business person, a student, or simply someone who wants to call your parents in Kenya. We are here to HELP you! We offer cheap calling rates to call Kenya, so you can stay in touch with your loved ones without breaking the bank.

3. Which Calling App is Best for Calling Abroad from USA?

That’s a very common question and honestly a valid one too. Why? You’re going to spend your hard-earned money on an international calling app. It should be something that makes you want to use it again and AGAIN! No fluff. Here’s why we think you and Slickcall are made for each other!

3. Conclusion 

Everyone for once in life has to call abroad. It could be to their family in the USA or any of their childhood friends in Ghana. Family and friends are always important and close to my heart. So why don’t we select the best for them? Slickcall is the best international calling app. They let you make unlimited calls anytime or anywhere in the world. Go and Download the Slickcall app right away!




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