In 2022, over 35 lakh students appeared for CBSE exams from classes 10th and 12th. And the number will rise sharply if we include all students who are taking CBSE exams from 9th grade through 12th grade. And when we talk about all students taking CBSE exams from class 9th to class 12th, the number will increase significantly. How are you going to ensure that you stand out in such a large student crowd? So, as a part of this huge student crowd, how are you going to make sure that you stand out? We’re going to talk about your issues and worries today. All you want as a student or parent is to do well on the CBSE exams, right? Or is it to prepare well and become familiar with your textbooks as well? You can see the difference: if you don’t do the latter, you can’t have the former! Therefore, if you strive to be 100% prepared rather than just aiming for 100% results, all of your problems will disappear! You must therefore have a year-long plan outlining how your preparation will advance with each stage each month in order to achieve 100% scores on your CBSE exams.

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Prepare 100 PERCENT

The first step in your preparation plan must be to prepare completely and become 100 percent ready to tackle any questions. For that, you must comprehend each topic chapter-by-chapter and try to retain information as you go. Cover everything in your NCERT book, leaving no stone unturned. You’ll also need one more thing for a preparation that has the potential to change history. A book that would guarantee perfect preparation and results. CBSE 100 PERCENT book has everything you need to overcome your fears and complete the first process in your preparation plan.

  • Simple theory to finish your curriculum with graphics, diagrams, additional information, and examples.
  • Self-evaluation exercises like Try Yourself, Illustrations, NCERT Focus, CBSE Focus, Miscellaneous questions, Competition Focus, and Exam Drill as per the latest CBSE pattern.
  • 3 Solved practice papers as per the latest CBSE pattern and syllabus.
  • Concept maps, Lab time experiments, Practical & Viva practice.
  • All question typologies are to prepare the student 100% to avoid any surprises.
  • Questions labeled with all CBSE cognitive levels—R, U, Ap, An, Ev, Cr.
  • Real-life scenarios for observations and experiential learning according to NEP 2020.

Practice To Become A CBSE Champion

Did you ever wonder what’s the difference between average students and toppers in your class? Have you ever considered what distinguishes your class’ top performers from the others? The best way to do that is to study more and practice by answering questions from previous CBSE exams. The more questions, the merrier. The questions from previous years’ CBSE exams can help you prepare. It helps you get ready for the exam and prevents any unpleasant surprises. A sincere aspirant must never ignore this step. You must practice with as many questions from CBSE previous years’ papers as you can in a systematic manner after thorough preparation and concept understanding. To assist you with this, MTG has a comprehensive book called CBSE Chapterwise Topicwise 10 Years Solved Papers that would guarantee your success and enable you to finish the second stage of your preparation plan.

  • Comprehensive theory with a brain map for a recap and deep learning.
  • Chapter-wise & topic-wise questions of the previous 10 years of CBSE exams.
  • 5 solved CBSE Practice papers as per the latest CBSE pattern for practice.
  • 3 CBSE sample question papers based on the blueprint issued by the CBSE board.
  • Chapter-wise self-assessment exercises are given self-evaluation.
  • Questions from CBSE Delhi, All India, Foreign & Compartment Papers.
  • Covers all typologies of questions – VSA, SA-I, SA-II, LA.
  • Questions are strictly according to the NCERT syllabus in chronological order.
  • Topic-wise graphical analysis of 10 years CBSE Board Papers.
  • Includes CBSE Toppers answers of 2020 chapter-wise.
  • Previous years’ questions from NCERT/NCERT Exemplar are labeled.
  • CBSE cognitive levels labeled that are Remembering, Understanding, Applying, Analysing, Evaluating, and Creating.
  • Completely solved book with answers as per the CBSE marking scheme & key points.

Analyze To Score More

Now that you are good with all the topics and practice, it’s time to put your preparation to test. This last step is similar to an exam practice or mock test where you will need to assess your own preparation to see where you need to make improvements. This final stage is like an exam drill or mock test where you will have to self-evaluate and analyze your preparation to check where you lack and where you still need improvement. It will determine how well-prepared you are for the CBSE exams. If you want to increase your score and become a CBSE topper, believe us when we say that this is the most crucial stage of all. Since you’ll either finish feeling completely confident in your preparation or realizing where you need more practice. As a result, everything will work out well for you. You only need to practice with CBSE Sample Papers. Again, the more, the merrier. How do the 21 CBSE sample papers sound to you? Test it out with the best – MTG’s Score More 21 CBSE Sample Papers.

Finally, when you will be done with all three stages, there will be nothing stopping you. This preparation plan of three stages is very crucial and a must for anyone looking for guaranteed success in their CBSE exams. The success you deserve is waiting for you to take a shot at it. Start your preparation by creating your plan now and win at your CBSE exams. All the best.

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