The kitchen is a significant area when you search for Central Park City Walk, as you might invest a lot of time there. Do you want to remodel your kitchen but aren’t sure how much it would cost? You’re not the only one who feels this way. Kitchen renovating costs can be uncertain, and without adequate preparation and awareness of specifications, they can quickly escalate. That’s why we’ve put together this guide: to give you the details you need to figure out how much a kitchen renovation in Dubai would cost.

Why Must You Renovate Your Kitchen in Dubai?

There are many explanations for why upgrading your Dubai kitchen could be a smart idea. Aside from enhancing the design of your house, it may also:

  • If you want to sell your home, add value to it.
  • Reduce your energy bills after you’ve replaced your old equipment with new ones.
  • Enhances the versatility of the kitchen: New appliances consume less electricity.
  • Enhance comfort and security: A renovated and modern kitchen will be more resistant to general wear and tear while still using limited space.

Arriving The Kitchen Remodeling Price in Dubai

When it comes to the cost of a kitchen renovation in Dubai, there are many things to remember. In the end, the net cost can be determined by the nature and quantities of the goods used, the number of hours of labour needed, and the magnitude of the logistical improvements that are required. However, the environment in which you reside can affect overall costs. A typical kitchen renovation in Dubai, for example, could cost anything between AED 15k and AED 100k. The size of your kitchen and your preferences play an important role in determining the final cost.

Small Kitchen Renovation

It logically follows that, in comparison to their larger counterparts, smaller kitchens can be renovated at a lower rate. If you want to keep the prices down, even more, keep the same flooring and countertops and either replace the backsplash or cabinets.


How much does a small kitchen renovation cost? Small kitchen renovations in Dubai cost between AED 2.3k and AED 5.8k, depending on the needs. Vinyl wraps, for example, will turn a plain kitchenette into something extraordinary.

Modern Kitchens

A modern kitchen’s main emphasis is generally on cosmetics. As a result, you should expect renovations to be more costly than those needed for an economy kitchenette. The fact that a modern kitchen is simple and elegant makes you need to invest in modern appliances to gain a futuristic look. These may be high-end devices of sensors or other technical advances.


You should expect to pay anywhere from AED 200 to AED 1k extra based on your choices.


A kitchen island could be used in major upgrades, which would significantly increase the cost. You should expect to spend between AED 4.6k and AED 11k in Dubai to refurbish a new kitchen with this under consideration.

Traditional Kitchen

Natural materials such as oak and floors made of the same substance characterise traditional kitchens. Consider sanded hardwood flooring and ceramic tiles. The wood is often coated in subdued colours to make it look rusty and aged, giving it a soft, welcoming feel. In contrast to contemporary kitchens, traditional kitchens are all about the little details.


In Dubai, the cost of a typical kitchen renovation will vary from AED 6k to AED 15k. The scope of the renovations will also determine your costs.

Luxurious Kitchen

A luxurious kitchen has been meticulously built. Consider stone countertops, high-end fixtures, and large kitchen islands. As a result, a no-expense-spared redesign like this would logically cost even more.


Find the expense of building custom equipment as a starting point. Customised items are perfect for a high-end kitchen. Unlike standard-sized items, they can be incorporated into any room, allowing you more freedom to attain the design you want. With this in view, the bespoke variety could cost between AED 360 and AED 2.4k.


The cost of a luxurious kitchen renovation may be somewhere between AED 17.5k and AED 29.2k.

How Much Does it Cost to Renovate a Kitchen in Dubai?

Kitchen renovation costs in Dubai vary from AED 2.3k to AED 29k on average. This is determined by the kind of remodelling you need, the cost of supplies, and your desires.


Don’t forget to check the type of kitchen when you search for Central Park City Walk Handover date.

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