We’re in the decade of the derriere, and the ideal butt has changed a lot in the past several years. Women’s backsides have been a symbol of beauty, fertility, sexuality, wealth, and much more across the millennia.

As current beauty trends inch toward fuller, rounder, bigger butts, procedures like the Brazilian butt lift (BBL) are on the rise. Despite their popularity, however, the traditional, surgical method of obtaining that perfect, round, and bouncy bum that you see plastered all over social media comes with several risks.

Here are some reasons why surgical butt lifts are out of date and actually quite risky:

Many practitioners offering it are unlicensed

As the demand for BBL surgeries rises, a lot of practitioners are taking advantage of thousands of vulnerable individuals each year and offering services without the proper qualifications for it. It may seem like a simple enough procedure, but the immense risks that come with it are difficult to deny and can cost hundreds of people their lives and cause permanent disfiguration and deformity. It’s difficult to know who’s legitimate and who’s scamming innocent patient.

A woman with a toned physique and rounded butt poses for the camera.

BBLs are very expensive cosmetic procedures

BBLs are one of the most popular cosmetic procedures, but they’re elective, which means that insurance won’t cover them. You’ll have to pay out of pocket to get the procedure done, and that’s why many people travel out of the country for the procedure, running the risk of serious health issues, complications, and of course, double the cost. Travel costs, surgery costs, and other factors can pile onto your expenses pretty quickly.

It’s an extensive, painful multi-step process

The issue with BBLs is that they’re multi-step procedures that can be quite difficult to get through. It involves the surgeon using a narrow gauge to extract fat from multiple locations in the body, following which incisions are used to graft the fat into the buttocks, giving them shape and a lift. It seems simple enough and has double the advantages because you lose fat you don’t want and get a rounder butt by the end of it, but the risks that come with it are too high.

A person with a well-sculpted butt works out and stretches outdoors.

Often silicon and fillers are used for BBL

Another risk that comes with ineffective and dangerous practices with BBLs is the use of unapproved materials such as silicone or fillers, which can be quite damaging in the long run. These materials work for alternative procedures such as breast augmentations; however, they can cause skewed results that don’t satisfy you and may even have complications down the line.

They come with a wide range of health risks

Speaking of complications, any surgical procedure comes with some serious risks. These risks involve problems that can occur immediately or in the long run and pose a threat to patients’ lives.

Among the common side effects and complications of BBLs include

  • Severe bruising, skin discoloration, and damage
  • Stretch marks from the changing shape and augmentation
  • Infections that can take place in the grafts, incisions, and the blood
  • Blood clots and excessive blood loss can lead to heart attacks and stress on the body
  • Cardiac and pulmonary complications, including embolisms
  • Fat embolism as the fat that is injected moves into the bloodstream
  • Necrosis of fat or in the tissue around the surgical site
  • Issues associated with liposuction or anesthesia

Many of these side effects can be life-threatening, and others are associated with temporary pain and discomfort or even permanent health effects.
A closeup of a person's butt as they pose in lingerie.

BBL surgeries require extensive downtime

Another major drawback of BBLs is that they require extensive downtime and the recovery process is far from pleasant. People struggle with the recovery period for months, being unable to walk, move, even sit or use the bathroom comfortably as they suffer through pain, wounds, and more.

It’s important to consider the safety and viability of any cosmetic procedure you opt for. If you’re on the lookout for a reliable med spa in Jacksonville, FL, that can offer you non-surgical butt-lifts and other procedures, contact Pure Harmony Med Spa. They’re one of the region’s leading providers of this service, using innovative techniques such as PDO threads for buttock lifts.

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