Online games are a wonder and there are millions of people who love to play different online games when they want to relax and chill and have a good time. In this guide, we are going to tell you about a very wonderful bus driving game that will excite you when you play the game. So, read the guide and then know about this awesome gaming option. 

Almost everyone who plays online games is familiar with bus driving games and Heavy Bus Simulator is a game that falls in the same category. Along with having a good time, the players can also learn about the tips and tricks that they need to follow when they drive a bus or other vehicles in real life. The game focuses on a bus and you will be the driver of the bus with passengers and it is your duty to take the passengers wherever they want to go. This game is a lot of fun and you will get to experience the roads and the basics of driving with the help of this game.

 What is a heavy Bus Simulator?

Heavy Bus Simulator is a game that you will play from the driver seat of the vehicle that will be provided to you and you can show your exceptional driving skills while playing the game. You will be able to drop off the passengers on the bus where they want to go when they are in need. The game shows you different bus routes and roads that you can take for a successful journey and you will never get the option to make the journey memorable for the passengers that are on your bus. 

There are two different modes in the heavy bus simulator mod apk game and you can play all of them when you want to experience different routes and functions of the bus that you are driving. 

  • Professional Driver

In this mode, you will be the driver of a bus with different customers and will have to follow the route that will be given to you. You need to pick up passengers from different bus stations and the bus that will be your own. You need to follow all the different instructions that will be given to you to stimulate and drive the bus according to the rules. You can also use your own driving style and this mode will train you to be a professional driver. 

  • Moving route

There will be different routes provided to you but, you can also choose your own routes to reach the location that you have to go. You can also complete and take part in different quests that are present to you so that you can earn more points and go to the higher levels that are present in the game. 

You can very easily download this game from the Google Play website and it can be supported on all the different devices like Android and iOS very easily and then play this game. Remember that you need to download the 1.088 version of the game. 

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