Superfluous to mention, Outlook has become a favourite of business owners within a very short period, because it offers unmatched features which provide you with the ability to share, store, and save personal as well as professional data. It functions for meeting all types of professional and personal needs of communication. The best aspect is that Outlook functions best when configured on desktop mail or other, email clients such as Yahoo configured with Outlook, this way focussing on your emails becomes simple since you don’t need to change multiple platforms to manage different email accounts.


Combining Outlook with Yahoo mail avoids the cumbersome process of switching between different clients and provides you with all the functions under one roof.

Being said that, we have prepared an article to help you correct the errors people have been facing nowadays with Outlook malfunctioning with Yahoo, from the setup of the client-server to internet issues,  we have covered all the troubleshooting ways to empower our readers with the appropriate knowledge, so if you are getting irritated with the error of “Yahoo mail not working with Outlook 365”, continue reading the complete article..


Henceforth, . have tried to mention all the common issues that could be the culprit in causing the issue with yahoo mail today 2022:

Key reasons:- 

  1. Yahoo mail server may be down, check it by visiting the official website on any web browser.
  2. Poor internet connection 
  3. Using incorrect IMAP, POP server setting.
  4. Malfunctioning due to antivirus, firewall or other security programs can affect your system.
  5. Sometimes add-ons might be interfering with the Outlook server.


General trouble shooting hacks:

  1.  Check the server status of the Yahoo mail.

To check if the Yahoo server is not working properly, you can visit any of the following sites:




On the first two websites you’ll get to know if the server is down or not, and is it is down then the third site will confirm that if the server is down for everybody or is it just you who is experiencing such issues, if it is a generalised problem then wait for the Yahoo team server to fix it and if you’re the only one who suffering then contact your local administrator to fix the issue.

  Wrong, incorrect or old password of your Yahoo mail account:

During the time of registration and when you were logging in for the first time if you checked the box “Remember my password”  and if in case you have changed to a new password, you need to update and access Yahoo in outlook with that most recently updated password.

Even after this, if it doesn’t work out try to reset your password.

Verify the correct IMAP, POP and STMP server settings for outlook.

When operating the Yahoo mail with an alien client like Outlook, what is required is “Server settings” basically what they do is, play a significant role in successfully setting and accessing and running an account on any third-party email client? 

And so you cannot operate your email account on any email client with incorrect or wrong email credentials related to your email service.

Be sure to have the following details:

IMAP server input:

For incoming mail server port:- “Input 993”.

Required authorization: Yes

Required SSL encryption: Yes

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