People who spend a lot of time smoking will pay a lot of money for a bong that fits their lifestyle. Especially when they can easily get their hands on bongs for sale from The Bong Warehouse. Many cannabis enthusiasts would go so far as to say that they become attached to their bongs in the same way that they would a friend. Given how much attention bongs receive, it’s surprising how often people choose to avoid cleaning them. To be honest, bongs require far more attention than they usually receive. Even if you think once a week is sufficient, you should clean your bong more frequently. Here’s why!

It Makes Your Bong Look Great 

A dirty bong tends to look worse for use. This can be difficult if you are a visual person. Dirty bongs are unsightly, even if they began as a beautiful blue wrap vase bong. Brown stains cover the bodies of filthy bongs. It doesn’t look good. While all bongs will eventually turn yellow, there’s no reason to hasten the process.

Cleaning Regularly Will Give You a Smoother Toke

Smoking produces more than just smoke; it also produces residue. If you do not clean your bong, residue from previous smoking sessions will remain. The longer it remains, the more it influences the flavour of your cannabis. Cannabis has a wide range of subtle notes and flavours, but you won’t notice them unless you clean your bong more frequently. The more you clean it, the better each hit will taste and the more you will be able to enjoy your marijuana.

It Helps You Save Weed

Surprised? A lot of people are. Cannabis residue not only degrades flavour, but it can also clog bowls. When the bowl of a bong becomes clogged, smoke does not enter the bong pipe. Instead, the smoke pours out of the bowl. Cleaning your bowl clears the clogs in your bong, allowing you to enjoy all of the smoke from your session. This means you’ll need less marijuana to get the same high.

Dirty Bongs Can Cause Lung Infection

An unclean bong does more than just reduce your enjoyment of a high. It can also be dangerous to one’s health. Bong water and bong interiors can become breeding grounds for mould and bacteria if left unchecked. As one might expect, smoking from a bacteria-infested bong is bad for your health. There have been cases where cannabis smokers’ bongs were to blame for lung infections, bronchitis, and pneumonia.

It Takes Less Time to Get Stoned 

Do you want a great reason to start cleaning your bong more frequently? Here’s one: It will get you high faster. Cleaning your bong removes all of the gunk that makes it difficult for THC to pass through its system. Instead of navigating murky water, mouldy piping, and a clogged bowl, your cannabis will be able to enjoy a direct shot to your mouth. This means that you not only use less weed, but you also get high faster.


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