You simply can’t do without a washing machine in a modern household. They’re integral to the otherwise time-consuming chore of washing clothes and keeping them clean. Most households run their washing machines twice every week and are acutely aware of problems that washing machines might need solutions for. If your washing machine has been behaving weirdly for some time now, run through our list of common washing machine faults and ways you can solve them.

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Let’s consider some common faults with washing machines.

The Whirring Washing Machine

Who cares to check for random coins in pockets? But this can be a common reason why your washing makes random noises as it operates. Debris, grime, and coins can break the front-loaders panel and harm the machine badly. Usually, when such a case happens, the washing machine should be stopped until stuck coins and dirt are not removed.

Appliance repair services always suggest that clothes be checked for chapsticks, pens, keys and coins before the laundry is loaded in the washer. Take to cleaning your washing machine once a month to keep mold, mildew and other bacteria at bay.

It’s Damaging the Clothes

Did your washing machine rip your clothes? This could be a possibility, especially if your washer is faulty. Another common reason why this happens is friction due to overloading! If you put too many clothes in a washing machine, they will rub against the sealed door. This rips and tears clothing apart. Also, check your machine for rough leftovers from the previous laundry batch.

Call in a washing machine and dryer repair agent to have your washing drum inspected and repaired in time.

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Shaky Washing Machines

A tumbling or moving washing machine can be a great cause of trouble! If the washer moves badly, it’s best to turn your washing machine off. The primary reason why your machine shakes and moves around is that it isn’t fixed on ground level. Leveling the washing machine’s legs is important to keep it grounded.

Always unplug your washing machine if it rattles, acts weirdly or is not well-adjusted. Ensure your washing machine is fixed in a dry, leveled place. For top loaders, suspension springs need inspection as well. Appliance repair in Arlington for washers and dryers comes at an affordable cost. Ring reliable appliance repair services to have your washing machine fixed.

“My Washing Machine Stinks!”

A stinky washing machine can affect everyday hygiene. Tests on babies admitted to the neonatal ward of a German hospital confirmed that clothing infected with Klebsiella Oxytoca caused pneumonia and urinary infection in babies. The bacteria lined the washers in the washing area. Bacteria is the primary reason why your washing machine stinks. Bacteria accumulates in washers due to unclean water, improper draining and leftover detergent.

Pro tip: Keeping the loader’s door ajar can help prevent stinking and bacteria build up in the washing machine. Mold and mildewy grow in damp places. Your washing machine is their favorite place because you keep the machine’s door shut while it’s still moist. Keep the machine’s door ajar to manage the bacteria and mildew growth.

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Washer Isn’t Draining

The drain hose provides an outlet for used water. The drain hose needs to be cleaned for the machine to work. Drain clogging may be due to dirt and debris collected over time. Check the drain hose if you feel used water is not draining properly. Your washing machine manual can be of great help for drain-related issues. Manuals today have error codes and ‘If’ situational guides to help users deal with clogged drains. If not, observe your washing machine’s drain cycle closely to troubleshoot the drainage problem.

Don’t hesitate to inform a washer repair service about a washing machine fault.

Water Doesn’t Fill in the Washing Machine

If the water isn’t filling in the machine, it’s time to get your machine checked for leaks. This can be a problem even for the newest machines, so don’t freak out if you come across a washer that doesn’t fill up. Check your machine’s kinks and hoses for leaks and breakage. The washer may itself be leaky. Once you identify the problem, call in your dryer repair agent to have the washing machine repaired.

The Washing Machine Has a Spin Problem

The washing machine works with a fine-tuned cycle that helps water drain while a washer spins. If you suspect a problem with the machine’s spinning, get the water drain checked. Clogged water drains are the last thing you’d want your washing machine to go through. Also, inspect your washing machine for possible leaks and dents.

Keep the Dryer Vent Clean

If your washing machine has a dryer attached, its vents would need cleaning too. You’ll have problems drying the clothes faster if the vents are not cleaned thoroughly. Dryer repair services say that a lint brush should be used for cleaning the vent. The vent needs cleaning once every month. If you feel your dryer vent is not working properly, have dryer repair services mend your dryer vent.

Take note not to start your washing machine when you suspect a problem. This can cause lasting issues with your washing machine and dryer.

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