If you want to upgrade the look of your empty walls, you can opt for something much easier and more creative than framed paintings, photos, wallpaper and a fresh coat of paint. Wall lettering is a pretty good alternative to all these common wall decorating methods, mainly because it is very simple for you to choose them, buy them and then apply them to your walls for buying Wall Lettering services you can check words anywhere. Apart from the simplicity of using them, they are also quite eye-catching; not many people would expect to see letters on the walls, since people tend to expect mostly framed items.

Choosing vinyl letters for walls is a fun and exciting process. Manufacturers and stores usually have a wide range of options if you want to find some pre-made quotes. There are some inspirational or humorous quotes you can find, some of which may be completely in sync with your own thoughts and beliefs; these will save you time and effort and you no longer have to come up with some on your own. Alternatively, you can always have some ready-made quotes that you want to put up on your walls. Manufacturers are usually able to customize wall letters according to your preferences.

Vinyl Wall Letters

In addition to thinking about all that vinyl wall letters can say, you should also choose the colors of each letter. You should choose the ones that match your overall decorative design or that will stand out on your wall. You don’t want to have to squint when you slap baby blue letters on a blue wall. Something simple like black letters on white is always good, or light pink on a deep red wall.

Of course, the font or typeface of the wall lettering you choose is also important. You don’t want to have a set of letters on your wall that looks childish if you’re in your 30s and aim to create a romantic atmosphere in your bedroom. And you don’t want to put cute, swirly letters on your son’s bedroom walls if he doesn’t like them. Just take a good look at the space you’re decorating as well as who will be using it, and then choose fonts accordingly. For a shared space like the dining room, kitchen, family room and living room, something basic like Arial, Times New Roman and Garamond are good choices. Look at these fonts in your word processor, type some text in these fonts, then print them out and find out from a vinyl lettering manufacturer if they have these particular styles. The right look is just as important for your wall letters as the right words, so remember to think carefully before you buy anything.

The wall hanging is a great way to accent almost any room in your home. Follow this simple guide to installing wall signs from wall preparation to application.

Make sure you have the right surface
Not all walls are suitable for installing signs. The most common surface is drywall. This is ideal. Wall signs are not ideal for textured, concrete or brick surfaces.

Prepare your wall
Wash the wall with a light mist of mild household cleaner. Dirt and dust are the enemy here, make sure you get it all removed. If you don’t clean the wall, the dust will reduce the effectiveness of the adhesive, causing the sign to fail prematurely. Let it dry.

Prepare your sign
Your sign will come with application tape, make sure you allow enough time for the sign to unfold and spread. Be sure to remove the letters from their original wrapped state at least one hour before application. Take your garbage disposal and firmly press the letters several times to adhere them to the application tape. You will find that this prevents the letters from hanging on the wax backing paper.

Place the letters on the wall
Use masking tape along the top of your letters to hold them in place. Place the letters on the wall.

Apply theLift the letters up from the bottom, slowly peel off the wax paper starting at the top. Pull the paper down to half the height of the page. Start with your wiper from the top, making sweeping motions from left to right, working your way down. Take your time. As you work your way down, continue to slowly remove the backing paper until it is completely removed.

Remove the application tape
You do not need to wait to remove the application tape. Select a corner and slowly remove the application tape. Be very careful not to tear the letters if they lift off the wall. This can and does happen, just press it back against the wall and slowly peel it off. It will take longer to remove the application tape than it will to apply it.

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