The choice of curriculum plans has increased remarkably over the past few years. As you begin your quest for the best school for your child, the first thing you notice is the education board it follows. You will find options like CBSE, ICSE, or the state boards, and it will be entirely up to you to decide which option would be apt for your child. Most parents choose the best Bangalore CBSE School as they rely on the curriculum and feel it is perfect for their child’s holistic development.

To make a fair decision, you need to know the details about these curriculum options. Moreover, it would help if you also had a fair comparison between the options to decide which is best. So let us dig deeper and compare the most common curriculum plans to make the right decision and choose apt schools near Sarjapur road.

CBSE V/S ICSE V/S State Board: deciding which one is better

  • CBSE is focused on theoretical learning, while ICSE is more about practical learning techniques. Nevertheless, ICSE schools keep organizing various co-curricular activities to teach challenging concepts smoothly. Even CBSE focus on holistic development, focusing on academics and activities equally. On the other hand, a state board emphasizes studying inside the four walls of the classroom without any practical activities.
  • ICSE is a globally recognized curriculum plan which foreign universities and colleges accept around the globe. CBSE also ranks higher in this regard, as it gets universal acceptance and makes it convenient to open global opportunities for children. When we talk about state boards, there is no universal acceptance. State boards do get recognition at a national level, but when we talk about international universities, CBSE and ICSE have an upper edge.
  • CBSE offers a convenient grading system in alphabetic order, and as there are no marks involved, students do not feel stressed. There is no unhealthy competition, and schooling becomes fun and interesting. On the other hand, ICSE and state boards give scores by evaluating the student performances in different aspects. It creates a sense of competition followed by anxiety if the child does not get the score he was yearning to get.
  • If you keep relocating due to work, you have to choose the curriculum that helps in convenient transition for your child. CBSE and ICSE are two common choices as you can easily find schools with these options anywhere in the world. Choosing one of these schools and your child would not feel any pressure of relocation. State boards make it challenging for children to adjust when they move to a different location, as they do not prepare children for international competition.

Another factor you should focus on is the fee structure.

You do not have to choose the cheapest option, but choose a curriculum that provides quality education at a nominal cost. The apt choice is to go for CBSE as it imparts quality education at a nominal price. ICSE, on the other hand, is a bit overpriced, and state boards usually compromise on the quality.


These points of comparison can help you decide which of the three options would be apt for your child. Keeping everything in mind, CBSE turns out to be the best option as its focuses on the holistic development of students, offers a reliable curriculum structure, focus on providing international exposure, and charges a nominal fee.

The only thing every parent needs to be careful about is choosing the best CBSE School. You will have plenty of options available, each claiming to be the best for your child. However, the suggested options are sometimes not apt as they cannot cater to your specific requirements. So stay vigilant and take this decision after thorough research, as your child’s future depends on it.


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