When you’ve had a car for a while, your keys can easily get lost. Of course, most people have at least one spare set of car keys available, but what happens if you lose those as well?

One of the most common questions that scrap car buyers hear is, “can I scrap my car without keys?” The simple answer is that yes, they will.

However, the process of scrapping a vehicle when you can’t find the keys is a little more complicated than if you do have them.

Not only will you need to provide more documentation, but you will also have to accept that you will get less money for your scrap vehicle.

Here’s what you need to know about selling your car for scrap when you don’t have the keys. Most people think of the keys to the car as being very important.

They are technical and connected to buildings or homes for that matter. Some people use their keys as a symbol of success and achievement.

When you’re thinking about scrap metal it doesn’t come to mind at first, except if you’re dealing with an abandoned vehicle.

Most people would prefer to use their eyesight instead of trying to dig deeper into your pockets just because they can’t find the car keys while they’re checking out what you have stored in your garage.

It gets harder when there is more than one car, but imagines how many scrap dealers will weigh all of them before giving you a price.

Losing a set of car keys is a huge headache, especially if you have more than one car. Most people unknowingly carry at least one spare set of car keys on their person or in their house.

You will likely be able to track down an alternative way to start your car before having to completely rely on scrap dealers for help.

One of the main questions people who are trying to sell scrap cars asks is ‘will they take my vehicle without the keys’.

Of course, scrap metal companies and junk yards will be happy to take any idle/unwanted asset off your hands.

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Scrapping a Car without the Keys

However, for them to do so, you must follow different procedures compared with when you can provide them with keys.

Not only will you need to provide more documentation but also accept that you may get less money than if they were able to successfully run vehicles through their weighing scales.

While car buyers will purchase a vehicle if the owner has lost a few car keys, he or she will need to disclose more documentation to prove that the car is theirs.

If you don’t have access to the official documentation, then it’s perfectly fine and many car buyers would still gladly take your old vehicle off your hands but this will be an open-ended agreement.

As any potential issues of ownership may arise. There’s a high chance that you’ll have to pay for an HPI check as well.

This Hi-Pot Inspection will be looking into any outstanding debts of the vehicle and can also help determine who owns it.

The reality is, in most cases you will end up having to make a visit to the local DMV and provide further paperwork so as to both establish your claim of ownership and also prove that you are the rightful owner.

Fortunately, they won’t require receipts or any other such paperwork because they know how difficult it would be for someone without much money just to go out and get the various pieces of documentation needed.

The DMV offices will ask you something like “How did you come by your car?” and if you can give an innocent enough answer like through a family member.

Others who gifted it to you before they died, then there shouldn’t be an issue. However, without an official record, trying to collect monies owed on a junk car might prove rather difficult.

Proving That You Own the Car

Great question! When you can’t access your vehicle without breaking a window, it makes ownership verification pretty hard.

Fortunately, there are solutions for this problem if you don’t have the keys to your car anymore. The first step is to gather all the essential paperwork such as proof of registration and vehicle ownership from the logbook (V5).

It’s also recommended that official photo identification be included to prove personal ownership for additional identity verifications by your local scrapyard.

When it comes to car scrapping and selling the item, the first thing that you should do is get rid of an original car keys. You can earn a lot of money from your car.

But you need to know what to sell such as door and locks. Make sure that you can find out about the garage near you which will help you a lot for your car solving different problems.

If you don’t have keys for your car, we will be glad to scrap it for you. But remember to bring the original papers which prove that you own this car.

Sale Price Reduction

You should expect less money for your car if you do not have the keys. That’s because moving it suddenly becomes problematic.

A car with a steering lock where the wheels are not pointed forward will make it very difficult to attach it to a winch or, even worse, roll onto a trailer.

You can expect it to be very inconvenient and reduce your asking price in some cases.

If a car has an immobilizer or steering lock on it, you may get less money for it than if the vehicle did not have this security feature installed.

Be aware that many dealerships may be unable to tow or transport your vehicle to their yard without the keys so this will further reduce the amount you will get for the vehicle.

Some companies are experts in cars with steering locks and are based locally so I would recommend going through them if possible!


You can expect to get less money for your vehicle if you do not have the keys. This is important because it makes things a lot more inconvenient for the buyers.

The buyer will have to break a window in order to get into your vehicle, which may reduce your asking price as well.

In some cases, it may also make things difficult in terms of transporting the vehicle across large distances. Larger car yards tend to have more problems moving vehicles with steering wheel locks.

As they often lack machinery that others would use like flatbed trucks with winches and things of this nature, so they will usually refuse to move these types of cars unless.

They are shown that the car and its tires are pointing forward when parked on their yard’s premises. Your asking price may be less if the car has a key in it.

You can expect to get less money if you don’t have keys. There could be a small discount on your end.

If you did manage to get the vehicle towed in with its wheels not pointing forward and locked in place, rather than having the wheels swiveling freely and unlocked.



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