Since the emergency rooms of Watauga are open around-the-clock, every day of the year, we are there for you. We know that emergencies—whether they include a severe cut, a fractured bone, or a medicine overdose—cannot wait. When you visit one of the Monoclonal antibody treatment, a kind and sympathetic employee will examine you. The vast majority of the time, however, we can see patients immediately instead of the lengthy delays some of the big downtown hospitals’ patients encounter.

We analyze your requirements and evaluate your medical status when you search for emergency rooms near me. The most severe cases are seen to ensure that patients receive the best treatment possible, but we continuously work to reduce patient wait times. Your emergency is vital to both of us as well as to yourself. One critical metric we always strive to monitor is the decrease in patient wait times.

Emergencies We Experience

We can manage most situations and offer immediate medical treatment to people who are traumatized or need acute care. However, we can fly patients to affiliated partner hospitals if extreme trauma measures are required. We collaborate with a network of affiliated hospitals and skilled private practice doctors to handle patients who require individualized care. 

  • Cardiology

Afib and other arrhythmias are among the many outpatient cardiac disorders and ailments our cardiologists treat. Most of the time, therapy sessions with our cardiology team don’t necessitate overnight stays. Still, if one is necessary, our facilities are set up to be comfortable and convenient for patients. We offer long-term heart disease therapy and management in addition to a wide variety of outpatient cardiac diagnostic examinations.

We can respond to heart attacks swiftly because of our committed staff of nurses and technicians. Our neighborhood location offers more individualized care and accessibility than what may be provided at one of the downtown hospitals.

  • Orthopedics

Our emergency room is the first point of contact for many orthopedic patients with Watauga. They frequently suffer sports injuries, fractures from their jobs, or unintentional falls before they end up in the ER. However, in addition to treating sports and other accidents, ER in Watauga offers a comprehensive program for preventing, diagnosing, and treating orthopedic problems and illnesses. Our primary concern is the care of ailments affecting patients’ muscles, bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, and nerves. Orthopedic surgeons and nurses are on-call for emergencies and routine consultations as part of our knowledgeable staff.

  • Imaging Diagnostics and Radiology

To uncover possible issues that cannot be seen from outside the body, the diagnostic imaging department helps the emergency room and all other sections of our hospitals by giving pictures within the body. These “images” are used to diagnose diseases, including tumors, internal bleeding, probable concussions, the presence or absence of bone fractures, the severity and direction of any break or fracture, and bone and joint dislocations.

  • Pulmonary

Treatment of lung and respiratory system illnesses is referred to as pulmonary medicine. Many times, pulmonary or other disorders, including COPD, congestive heart failure, arrhythmias, allergic responses, asthma, and several other ailments, might be linked to breathing problems. Even very high levels of worry can impair breathing and require a Watauga emergency room trip. Most of the time, our pulmonary team will carry out a diagnostic, provide a course of therapy suitable for the patient, or send the patient to a specialist within our network of related doctors.

  • Radiology Center

The ultrasound imaging method (sonography) creates a picture of tissue inside the body using sound waves or vibrations at ultrasonic frequencies. Despite the technique’s frequent association with usage during pregnancy, the emergency room makes substantial use of it. Specifically for joint issues and mobility, our staff at the Rapid Covid Test in Fort Worth employs ultrasound imaging to identify various disorders or anomalies. Computer algorithms transform the transducer that receives these “return” impulses into pictures of internal organs, bones, and tissue. Then, utilizing specialized training, doctors and technicians may “read” these photos.

choosing a primary care doctor

It would be best if you kept up your doctor-patient connection with your primary care physician to manage your medical requirements as effectively as possible. To visit our ER, however, you do not need a primary care doctor because our services are open to everyone. We will be happy to help you locate a primary care physician if you do not already have one and would like to develop a relationship with one. Most doctors in our vast network of allied medical professionals welcome new patients, and we would be happy to recommend them. At ER of Watauga, we work hard to give you the services you require, such as assisting you with emergencies and contacting the best primary care doctors.



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