If managed properly, a loan can be the greatest tool to help us realize our dreams. A home loan can be a great tool for achieving a major life goal like buying a house. There are many people who can afford to purchase a home and do not need financing. Sometimes, they are faced with a dilemma: should their savings be used to buy a home and avoid debt or do they need a loan? There’s no “one-size-fits-all” answer to the. At Andromeda loan agency, each and every agent comes with an benefit of learning from the experts who have more than a decade of experience in the loan industry. These experts conduct various on-job training activities to ensure that our agents are always ahead with their competitors.

But, people don’t take out home loans because they lack the funds. The financing option offers many advantages that will attract potential homeowners. Home loans are one of the most affordable borrowing options, with a low interest rate. Unlike other loans, there’s zero prepayment penalty on mortgage loans with floating interest levels. The loan route has some benefits.
Home loan tax benefits

Although it can be stressful to pay EMIs every month, there are many benefits to home mortgages.

Home loans make you proud to be a homeowner. Yes, that’s true. Home mortgages are a better option than borrowing more money and building a secured property. Are you worried about getting a mortgage?

Second, repaying your mortgage loan can provide tax benefits. You can deduct the eye portion of the EMI you paid during the year from your total income, up to a maximum amount of Rs 2 lakh. You can also deduct interest on home finance loans during the pre-construction period. The deduction is also allowed for the principal section of the EMI for the year. The maximum amount that can be claimed is Rs 1.5 lakh. There are also deductions for registration and stamp duty.

A home loan can help you save money on rent. While many prefer to rent, having your own home means that you are not wasting money. Renting is a loss of money because you don’t have ownership. Renting is expensive and can lead to rent increases that are higher than inflation. In 15-20 years, you could own the same type of home as before. Instead of paying an increasing rent, one can opt to buy the house in 15-20 years. Calculate your EMI using a calculator for home loans and compare it to rent.

First, home loans have long-term repayment obligations. A home loan is generally a commitment of 10-20 years rather than an individual loan, which can be paid off in as little as 1-2 year. This means that you must be very disciplined and make sure to pay the EMIs on schedule for 120-240 month.

You may hire two types of professionals to work with you with your loan search: a borrowing arrangement agent or a Loan DSA Partner, depending on your needs. It’s easy to see the similarities between the two. Your financial status will be scrutinized by financing agent or loan partner, who will assist you in submitting your application for the loan. In other rserapects, though, their jobs are incredibly distinct.

Second, home loans don’t make you 100% owner if you don’t pay back your loan in full. Failure to pay your mortgage payments will result in the bank or financial institution being unable to pursue any legal remedies. In extreme cases, you could be evicted from your home or have your bank take possession.

Third, home loans may make you less frugal. Mortgage EMIs are a good option for people who spend a lot but also enjoy frequent trips to foreign/domestic destinations and extra cash. Because EMI payments take up a large portion of their budget, they must make sure that their budget is well-structured. If you are on a tight budget, you can use the home loan calculator to determine how much EMI you can afford.


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